Elecsys® IL-6

Early Marker in acute Inflammation

Elecsys IL-6

Early Marker in acute Inflammation

This assay can be used to aid in the management of critically ill patients as early indicator for acute inflammation.

IL-6 is an early marker for inflammation in sepsis

IL-6, a key mediator for inflammation and an early alarm signal of infection that becomes elevated as part of the inflammatory response, has emerged as a valuable biomarker in the management of sepsis.

IL-6 levels predict development of septic complications

In a study of 1,032 patients with severe trauma, patients who subsequently developed septic complications had the highest IL-6 levels on day 1 following injury.14 Similarly, in a study of 50 patients following major surgery, IL-6 levels were correlated with the development of septic complications during the first 5 days following surgery 




  • Aid in management of critically ill patients
  • Optimized laboratory work flow
  • Available on a fully automated platform
  • Small Sample volume
Elecsys IL-6

Elecsys® IL-6

  • Assay time

    18 min

  • Sample material

    Serum, Li-heparin and K2- and K3-EDTA plasma

  • Sample volume

    30 µL

  • Measuring range

    1.5 – 5,000 pg/mL

  • Analytical sensitivity

    1.5 pg/mL

  • Functional sensitivity

    5 pg/mL

  • Traceability

    WHO Standard NIBSC 1st IS 89/548