Centralised and Point of Care Solutions

Centralised and Point of Care Solutions

Centralised and Point of Care Solutions (CPS) is the largest business area of Roche Diagnostics and the world’s leading supplier of in vitro diagnostic solutions, instrument systems, tests, and services that empower healthcare professionals to optimise care and improve outcomes for their patients. 


Meeting the changing demands in diagnostic testing


Increasing predictability and reliability measures that help reduce risks to patients and costs to the healthcare system are at the forefront of Roche Diagnostic’s commitment to meet the changing demands in diagnostic testing. Innovation is the foundation of our business strategy and we are continually working to create integrated solutions that enable swift and clinically-validated decision making across a variety of healthcare settings.


Enhancing medical value


CPS has a strong focus on the clinical chemistry and immunoassay business, which offers high medical value tests for screening, diagnosis, prediction, and monitoring of disease, across a wide field of indications such as oncology, haematology, women’s health, infectious disease, endocrinology, cardiology and personalised healthcare. In addition, CPS offers point-of-care testing products to support clinical decision-making in doctors’ offices, emergency rooms and other primary and care settings. Most recently, CPS entered a new era in lab coagulation with an innovative portfolio that supports clinicians and labs with integrated and efficient laboratory solutions, which deliver increased medical value.


Realising the vision of the Integrated Core Lab


Roche Diagnostics continues to expand the Integrated Core Lab by consolidating and integrating a wider range of platforms across other disciplines that include molecular diagnostics and point of care, as well as testing in coagulation and haematology. This Integrated Core Laboratory means every component is designed to work together as one, expanding the efficiency, scope and quality of diagnostic capabilities, making testing simpler, more cost-efficient and more insightful.

By doing now what patients need next, CPS continues to fulfil its commitment of providing high quality, integrated and simplified diagnostic tests to enhance access to healthcare and make a difference to patients’ lives.