Roche CustomBiotech

Your partner in making visions a reality - applications for industrial diagnostics and pharmbiotech manufacturing


To enable the healthcare industry in providing state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatments, we have merged our innovative technologies, unique knowledge, and decades of experience under one roof in Penzberg, Germany. This research and manufacturing site is home to Roche CustomBiotech. We provide tailored, high-quality products and raw-materials to biotech and diagnostics companies.


What does it mean to work with CustomBiotech?


The right solutions for your vision

Focused on individual business needs, CustomBiotech adapts existing products or co-develops new ones to help create the right solutions with minimal risks.


Having a partner in a challenging environment

Working alongside new and established businesses, CustomBiotech helps ease the path to market with innovative, tailored solutions and superior service.


Manufacturing excellence

CustomBiotech meets safety and regulatory requirements – from ISO-certified quality management to GMP, animal-free and antibiotic-free production.


Cutting-edge technologies make ideas a reality

Always at the forefront of industry developments, CustomBiotech’s ever-expanding product portfolio opens new opportunities to bring novel product ideas to market.