Serum Work Area

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Discover access to faster, more reliable testing with our Serum Work Area solutions

Laboratories and healthcare environments across the UK, and around the world at large, are under increased pressure as the demand for testing increases with growing, ageing populations. With less resources, time, and space, healthcare professionals are struggling to meet demand as they are required to do more with less. 


The Serum Work Area solutions from Roche Diagnostics combat these challenges by providing access to faster, more reliable chemistry and immunoassay testing. Allowing laboratories to use their time and resources more wisely, while our automated diagnostic solutions ease pressures and improve productivity.

When every minute counts, rely on the simplicity and excellence of our Serum Work Area solutions

From the point of blood collection right through to the final test result, the journey of diagnostics requires the utmost dedication, proficiency, and attentiveness from laboratory staff.


At Roche Diagnostics, our Serum Work Area solutions provide timely and reliable results while being easy to use, giving your staff peace of mind and enabling them to focus on the tasks that matter.

Clinical and Immunochemistry
Saving laboratories precious time

With our Serum Work Area solutions, your laboratory can reduce system preparation and hands-on time, freeing up precious staff time, reducing costs, and improving testing output with reliable results in as little as nine minutes. To support this, our Serum Work Area solutions are reliable and easy to use, giving your staff peace of mind and enabling them to focus on the tasks that matter.

Making the most of limited space

Many laboratory environments suffer from limited space, however our Serum Work Area solutions are designed to maximise efficiency and deliver true productivity with a compact configuration footprint of ~2 square metres1. With industry leading onboard stability for both immunochemistry and clinical chemistry diagnostics, laboratory staff can ensure the space they have available is used intelligently.

Enabling efficiency through standardisation

Our fully standardised Serum Work Area solutions enable laboratories to increase efficiency by working with fewer instruments, same detection technology, common user interfaces, same reference ranges and reagents. Discover the benefits that standardisation can bring, including improved speed and accuracy of results, optimal patient management, and simplified training and staff allocation.

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