CoaguChek® Pro II

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
CoaguChek<sup>®</sup> Pro II
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The CoaguChek Pro II meter features
  • Detection system: electrochemical determination of the PT and aPTT time after activation of coagulation cascade
  • User interface: large color touchscreen; screen icons allow intuitive operation
  • Memory capacity: 2,000 test results
  • Integrated 2D barcode reader for entering user/patient ID and lot numbers of controls
  • Enhanced data management capabilities: WLAN and unique QR Code connectivity option
  • Universal battery pack, charging via power adapter and/or base unit *(HBU)
  • Side and top dosing options with a drop of venous, capillary or arterial fresh whole blood (min. 8 μL)
CoaguChek Pro II e-learning

For healthcare professionals using the CoaguChek Pro II meter, we offer an e-learning course to help you use the meter and get the most out of this product. At the end of the e-learning course, a short knowledge check allows you to test what you have learnt. This e-learning is complementary and open to all users of the CoaguChek Pro II meter. Roche does not store any user data of individuals taking this course. If you would like to benefit from the CoaguChek Pro II e-learning please click on the link below to get started:


CoaguChek Pro II e-learning

Immediate, actionable results

  • From the floors to the OR to the ER to the ICU, aPTT and PT results are in your hands in real time

Enhanced connectivity

  • Critical information is available when and where it is needed most
  • Wireless connectivity and bar code reader for digital input and output
  • QR code feature enables data transmission to a data management system immediately, with no need to transcribe results for a streamlined workflow
Expanding coagulation testing in the hospital point of care setting

In addition to monitoring warfarin therapy, the prothrombin time (PT) and activated partial prothrombin time (aPTT) tests will help in the determination of factor deficiencies and other coagulopathies in several point-of-care locations.

The enhanced connectivity options allow for immediate access to patients’ data via their electronic health records because wireless technology ensures fast, accurate transmission so that workflow will be more streamlined and results will be available for immediate treatment decisions.

CoaguChek Pro II
CoaguChek Pro II
How to use the CoaguChek Pro II
System components
  • 1 CoaguChek Pro II instrument
  • 1 handheld power supply
  • 1 user manual in English
  • 1 CD-ROM with other languages: German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Dutch


Optional components


  • Handheld base unit kit: docking station (to recharge the battery pack and transfer data to a computer)


Additional required components


  • CoaguChek PT Test strips Box with 2 vials of 24 strips with a code chip
  • CoaguChek aPTT Test strips Box with 2 vials of 24 strips with a code chip
  • CoaguChek PT Controls 4 vials of level 1 control, 4 vials of level 2 control, 8 diluent-filled droppers, 1 code chip
  • CoaguChek aPTT Controls 4 vials of level 1 control, 4 vials of level 2 control, 8 diluent-filled droppers, 1 code chip
Doctor talking with patient

Coagulation monitoring

More efficiency in my care facility. More freedom for my patients

A variety of models exists for managing patients of VKA therapy.  Learn more about the benefits of point of care and patient self-testing and how we can support you in selecting the right model for you and your patients. 


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