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Hospitals and laboratories are facing more pressure than ever. To make matters worse, finding highly skilled histotechnologists is becoming harder.

What if you could reduce lab costs by quickly identifying quality concerns? What if you could reduce turnaround time (TAT) without adding headcount? What if you could increase efficiencies to manage your staff better?

navify Pathology Lab Advantage + Analytics for Pathology empowers you to solve these problems and more.

The navify® Pathology Lab Advantage (nPLA) solution supports automation within the anatomical pathology laboratory through:
  • Tracking and specimen chain of custody
  • Improved patient safety by reducing errors and minimising the risk of mislabeling, positive patient identification, and single-piece flow
  • State-of-the-art informatics and business intelligence
  • Promoting productivity and a lean workflow
Specimen Chain of Custody

Managing laboratory case information and processing order requests from the Laboratory Information System (LIS)

  • Providing new test requests to Roche Tissue Diagnostics platforms
  • Generating order requests and new case data without an LIS
  • Displaying laboratory case information to track specimen workflow
  • Printing specimen identifiers and labels
  • Enabling reporting of workflow events and inventory information

Single Piece Flow and Workflow Improvements

  • Increase throughput with streamlined, automated processes
  • Lean Six Sigma workflow experts work with your lab to optimise workflow
  • nPLA provides the data that enables you to drive continuous improvement
Data and Analytics - navify® Analytics for Pathology Lab
  • Integration with LIS and Roche Tissue Diagnostics platforms (nPLA)
  • Real-time information to improve day-to-day lab operations, productivity, and performance metrics (nPLA)
  • navify Analytics for Pathology Lab allows you to easily identify staffing, process, and quality improvement opportunities to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and drive financial and operational value back to the histology lab
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