VANTAGE workflow solution

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VANTAGE workstation

The VANTAGE workflow solution is intended to support workflow automation within the anatomical pathology laboratory through:


  • Managing laboratory case information and processing order requests from the Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Providing new test requests to Roche Tissue Diagnostics platforms
  • Generating order requests and new case data without an LIS
  • Displaying laboratory case information to track specimen workflow
  • Printing specimen identifiers and labels
  • Enabling reporting of workflow events and inventory information
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Improved patient safety


  • Minimise the risk of mislabeling
  • Positive patient identification, from accessioning to archiving
  • Use one label, one time - for tracking, staining, and archiving


State of the art informatics and business intelligence


  • Specimen chain of custody throughout the entire process
  • Integration with LIS and Roche Tissue Diagnostics platforms
  • Real-time information to improve day-to-day lab productivity and performance metrics
  • Advanced analytics with Viewics LabOPS AP empowers strategic decisions that optimise operations and lab performance across the enterprise


Productivity/lean workflow


  • Increase throughput with streamlined, automated processes
  • Lean Six Sigma workflow experts work with your lab to optimise workflow
  • VANTAGE workflow solution provides the data that enables you to drive continuous improvement