Clinical Chemistry - Drug of abuse testing (DAT)

Integrate drug of abuse testing into your routine

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We empower laboratories to play their critical role in patient care, offering high quality and delivering on our core commitments of testing efficiency and medical value. 

To maximise testing efficiency, we offer solutions that are integrated, easy to implement and suitable for any lab size.

To optimise medical value, we strive for a broad and innovative test menu, excellent assay performance and comprehensive clinical validation. 

With full integration of drug of abuse testing and therapeutic drug monitoring, facilitating fast clinical decision making to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Roche Clinical Chemistry analyser - consolidation without compromise.

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  • 6-Acetylmorphine - 6AM
  • Amphetamines - AMP
  • Barbiturates - BARB
  • Benzodiazepines - BENZ
  • Buprenorphine - BUP
  • Cannabinoids - THC
  • Cocaine - COCA
  • Ethanol - ETOH
  • Hydrocodone - HYD
  • Methadone - MDN
  • Methadone metabolite - EDDP
  • Methaqualone - MTQL
  • Opiates - OPI
  • Oxycodone - OXY
  • Phencyclidine - PCP
  • Propoxyphene - PPX
  • Serum Barbiturates - SBARB
  • Serum Benzodiazepines - SBENZ
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