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Colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer

In the UK between 2015 - 2017 there were around 42,000 new bowel cancer cases and it is the 3rd most common cancer2. Over the last decade the incidence has decreased  by around 4% in the UK, with over half of the cases being diagnosed at a later stage2.

Existing cancer prevention and screening best practices can help in the early identification of CRC to provide patients with more options and the best opportunity to get the treatment they need.

The Roche colorectal and gastrointestinal diagnostic tools can identify a range of these malignancies and indicate low or high levels of risk in order to more accurately personalise a patient’s treatment.

With a broad portfolio of tumour markers, as well as a range of oncology tests, Roche will continue to be one of the leaders in providing cancer-focused treatments and diagnostics.



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