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What if solving a business need
addressed a patient need?


Market demand asks the healthcare industry to do more with less. Analytical advancements and improved use of data are transforming the industry as we know it.

Roche Digital Diagnostics is pioneering this shift in mindset with a collective suite of specialised solutions backed by our 120-year history of healthcare expertise. Our portfolio harnesses rich streams of data to generate actionable insights and meaningful outcomes from the lab, to the point of care, and beyond.

Sustainability is a growing concern in healthcare

Health systems need to shift from volume to value.

Addressing key healthcare challenges—the rise of digitalisation, aging populations, declining reimbursement, shortage of skilled staff—requires a value-based approach. The Institute of Healthcare Improvements developed a roadmap for this transformation, called Triple Aim of Healthcare.

Roche Digital Diagnostics is the realisation of this vision. By optimising the use of healthcare data, Roche and their customers can better meet changing demands and, ultimately, improve patient care.

*Source: Institute of Healthcare Improvements (IHI)
Accessed July 18, 2019.

digital diagnostics

Discover Roche Digital Diagnostics

Embrace intelligent healthcare with a suite of purpose-built digital solutions designed to help improve clinical and business outcomes.

digital diagnostics

Operational effectiveness

Enhance your value to stakeholders by identifying and addressing operational inefficiencies through increased visibility.


• Increase workflow productivity & staff satisfaction 
• Elevate quality control & compliance 
• Minimise system downtime & maximise business continuity

Harness the power of data and workflow integration to enable better oversight and meet growing demands.

• cobas® infinity laboratory solution 
• cobas® infinity POC solution 
• Roche uPath enterprise software 
• VENTANA VANTAGE workflow solution

Patient & financial insights

Achieve financial goals and increase your competitive advantage for more informed business decisions and patient care.


• Improve test utilisation
• Identify at-risk patient populations
• Reduce costs and increase best practices

Rich insights inform patient-care decisions, ensuring the right test is given to the right patient at the right time.

• Viewics®  LabOPS


Clinical decision support

Empower improved decision-making using clinical decision support solutions that enable patient-specific insights and tailored treatment.


• Foster more informed treatment decisions
• Drive collaboration and knowledge-sharing
• Deliver a more personalised patient experience

Impact patient lives by connecting siloed data at the point of decision to enable more confident diagnoses.

• NAVIFY® Decision Support Portfolio


Making change possible

Roche Digital Diagnostics solutions are designed according to a set of guiding principles.

Every offering within the portfolio delivers on key business needs that connect your organisation and set it apart:

• Reducing complexity
• Gaining control
• Doing more with less
• Elevating the value of your decisions

change possible

Committed to innovation, committed to patients  

As the healthcare landscape continues to change, so does our approach. 

Roche has been a pioneer in healthcare innovation for over 120 years. With more than 100 digital technology and data initiatives already underway, we are working with innovative companies in the data, analytics and software fields to simplify and streamline clinical and laboratory workflow processes and to improve patient healthcare delivery.

doing now

Doing now what patients need next

Roche is putting patient needs first by bringing healthcare thinking to technology to enable better care.

By closing clinical care gaps and supporting a more informed patient journey, Roche is redefining the connection between diagnostics and treatment for a more personalised approach to healthcare.

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