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Laboratories using manual workflows understand how labour-intensive and complex they can be, often hindering productivity, increasing the potential for error, and affecting data tracking and compliance. Introducing the system that grows with your lab and offers the ultimate in flexibility and throughput. The FLOW Solution provides complete workflow standardisation and data automation for your entire lab-developed testing process. By moving your sample information from your lab information system through all instruments with complete data safety and sample tracking, you can generate accurate results with less effort than ever before. Find your FLOW Solution.

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Rely on reagents and assay solutions for every step in the testing process

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Discover the key benefits of the FLOW Solution

Discover the key benefits of the FLOW Solution

  • React quickly and effectively to changing environments and immediately address the right targets
  • Make use of self-developed assays or solutions supplied by Roche
  • Adapt a highly modular instrument setup to your needs with a choice between linear and nonlinear workflows
  • Expand the FLOW Solution by connecting up to 3 nucleic acid purification instruments and 5 qPCR instruments in a single line
  • Process more samples with less effort
  • Minimize hands-on time
  • Report more than 2,000 results in less than 8 hours
  • Perform up to 4 overlapping FLOW runs per day
  • Reduce hands-on time to free up valuable resources
  • Gain market share by offering competitive turnaround times
  • Streamline purchasing processes by reducing the number of providers


  • Reduce communication errors among your staff
  • Walk away from target-specific micro workflows
  • Minimize your error rate by automating data collection


  • Utilize a completely paperless data transfer process with full barcode traceability
  • Get modular settings that support a multiple room concept
  • Use a process control concept that monitors the complete FLOW Solution


  • Rely on Roche diagnostics know-how, based on over 50 years of experience
  • Minimize downtime with proven, well-established technologies
  • Get support when and where you need it from over 4,000 service engineers worldwide


Choose the right FLOW Solution for your lab

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