Automation in Molecular Diagnostic Testing

Innovative, reliable and efficient molecular diagnostic solutions

Unrivaled efficiency—only available from Roche

Achieve seamless integration and total workflow automation of molecular testing with Roche pre-analytical and post-analytical solutions. These stand-alone, integrated, networked solutions significantly reduce manual steps and error handling, while enhancing safety and process quality. Roche ensures sample and result integrity with secure physical connection tracks and a reliable software that links to the Laboratory Information System (LIS).

Integration with pre- and post-analytics fosters efficiency and advances automation for less variability and more predictability in the process, providing confidence in results.

Explore personalised automation of the molecular laboratory

Quality comes first

Roche pre-analytical systems automate and streamline workflows according to specific sample types, allowing for efficient, standardized, and simplified PCR setup.

Automated PCR setup allows for more productive use of valuable technician time, eliminating repetitive, manual sample handling while reducing risk of contamination, human error and workplace injury.

cobas® Automation Portfolio

 cobas p 312 Pre-analytical System

cobas p 312 Pre-analytical System

A compact standalone solution offering maximum effi­ciency with a minimal space requirement—can be used for decapping, sorting and archiving IVD test tubes.

cobas p 512 Pre-analytical System

cobas p 512 Pre-analytical System

High-throughput solution for sorting, decapping, quality inspection of samples, aliquoting, and re-capping of IVD test tubes, minimizing extensive inspections while reducing errors and maximizing efficiency.

cobas p 612 Pre-analytical System

cobas p 612 Pre-analytical System

Featuring an additional aliquoting section with barcode labelling of secondary tubes. Designed for simplicity and security to reduce hands-on time in a fast-paced environment.

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cobas p 480 Instrument

Flexible stand-alone solution that automates primary vial preprocessing steps and eliminates complications associated with manual sample handling.

cobas p 480 Instrument

Roche pre-analytical solutions perform a comprehensive inspection of sample quality and volume to optimize both workflow and quality of result.


See cobas p 512/612 Pre-analytical Systems in detail

Automated sample archiving solutions

Starting with the automated recapping, sealing, and storage of samples, Roche post-analytic systems help improve workflow efficiencies, minimizing efforts in product search, retrieval, and tracking of expiry dates. These automated archives eliminate manual sample storage and retrieval, reducing biohazard exposure and increasing traceability via continuous sample quality monitoring.


cobas® Post-analytic Systems

cobas p 501 Post-analytical Unit

cobas p 501 Post-analytical Unit

Refrigerated archiving system enabling automated sample retrieval and add-on test management of 13,500 tubes.

cobas p 701 Post-analytical Unit

cobas p 701 Post-analytical Unit

Designed for high-capacity storing of up to 27,000 tubes. Tubes are easily available anytime for call-back testing by automatic retrieval (if connected to the overall solution), or manually via walk-in refrigerator area.

Automated sample archiving simplifies workflow, improves quality, and provides a safe environment for technicians.


Post-analytic automation at a glance

Full lab automation and integration

Roche Diagnostics solutions are designed to work together as one. Connectivity between instruments occurs physically and virtually to create unprecedented efficiency.


cobas® connection modules (CCM)


Designed for industry leading throughput, scalability and sample-flow efficiency, this fast track solution allows samples to automatically move between different systems and instruments. CCM physically connect molecular analyzers to instruments of other disciplines, as well as to pre- and post-analytical systems, creating a fully automated workflow.

This solution is validated for cross-contamination compliance, can therefore be used for automating and simplifying processes in clinical laboratories and blood banks, ensuring reliability of results.


cobas® infinity IT Solutions


This easy-to-integrate Web-based application provides full and transparent control over operations in single- or multi-site laboratories. Scalable modules are designed to manage complex lab processes, allowing for efficient sample testing and transparent flow of result data.

The solution supports pre-analytic, analytic and post-analytic automation, as well as extended laboratory IT functionality like ordering, blood collection validation and reporting.


cobas® Synergy Solution


Providing control and tracking throughout the NAT laboratory processes, this IT solution facilitates the monitoring of pooling instruments and analyzers, while supporting connectivity needs for data analysis and data management in blood screening.

The cobas® Synergy Solution offers a communications interface in blood screening laboratories to support the timely and reliable release of safe blood products.

A powerful connectivity combination

The flexible, modular design concept of CCM allows labs to expand their systems over time as demand increases. Full integration of cobas® IT solutions into the LIS assures seamless data-flow, to eliminate manual labor, transcription errors, and delays in result reporting. Working together, these solutions allow for the integration of molecular testing with serology, haematology, urinalysis, or other disciplines.

This additional connectivity can increase both quality and confidence, while providing insight into what's happening, when it’s happening, where it’s happening.


Intelligent laboratory workflow management


Roche is driven by a continuous commitment to innovation and serves as a single source for laboratory solutions—from compact standalone automation to fully automated, industry-leading throughput solutions. As the only IVD company able to connect and integrate molecular diagnostics to pre-analytical systems and across multiple disciplines, Roche brings an entirely new paradigm to workflow efficiency.

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