Keeping Roche products and solutions cyber-safe to keep patients safe and protect health information

The increasing digitalization in healthcare and the associated connectivity of care facilities, systems, and devices are revolutionizing the healthcare system.

Medical devices and Healthcare Apps that are data-driven, prevention-oriented, and patient-centric will support clinicians in providing better care to more people more efficiently while simultaneously contributing to the urgently needed relief of healthcare personnel.

Strong cybersecurity within these innovations for all players to abide by in the healthcare sector in order to keep patients safe and minimize operational disruption for healthcare facilities.

Privacy is a fundamental human right. That’s why we are working to provide products and solutions with the security and privacy regulators require, customers need and patients deserve.

- Bill O'Connell, Global Head of Product Security and Privacy, Roche Diagnostics

In Roche's long tradition, cybersecurity, data privacy within solutions, and customer & patient safety have always been top priorities. Roche's deployment of its Cybersecurity Framework and its consistent adoption of Zero Trust ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Roche solutions.

Roche developers and security analysts work relentlessly to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of patients' health information. Roche customers and partners can further benefit from our global operations, which support them in complying with the multitude of regulatory requirements across all markets.

Roche’s approach to cybersecurity and data privacy for our products and solutions

Cybersecurity and data privacy is embedded in our products’ life cycle from ideation to decline so we can deliver products and solutions with the security and privacy regulators require, customers expect and patients deserve.


Roche’s Secure-by-Design approach to product cybersecurity and data privacy delivers a safe, quality user experience across the Roche portfolio by consistently protecting customer and patient data.

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