34th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases

European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases


27 - 30 April 2024
Barcelona, Spain

Join Roche at the 34th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID), as we shine a light on infectious disease management in Barcelona, Spain.


Shining a light on infectious diseases management

Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain 
27-30 April 2024

ECCMID, the foremost event in Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases worldwide, brings together experts from diverse fields to share their latest research, guidelines, and insights on infectious disease management.

Join us at the Fira Gran Via during ECCMID 2024 for an engaging in-person event hosted by Roche Diagnostics. As pioneers in IVD solutions integration, we invite you to explore the boundless possibilities for shaping the future of diagnostics together.

Visit our immersive booth at B.11, where you can meet our team and discover how we can shine a light on infectious diseases and help your lab overcome challenges. We cannot wait to discuss the potential of building an intelligent lab, harnessing the power of our digital solutions to:

  • Enhance operational workflow with the next generation of high-efficiency fully automated platforms 
  • Gain valuable medical insights with multiplex PCR solutions
  • Leverage broad portfolios for your infectious disease challenges


Join us for engaging in-person events in our booth B.11 where we have invited expert speakers from around the world to share and discuss their experiences in infectious disease management. Find out more about the topics of our talks below:

Roche booth Agenda


Roche Symposium

Sunday 28 April 2024
8:30 - 10:00 CET
Hall M

Choosing your own adventure! Shining a light on the best utilisation of syndromic testing and its application to respiratory infections.

You’re invited to join us at the Roche Infectious Disease Symposium

There are many syndromes caused by infectious diseases in today's world, and one of the greatest tools that we all have to diagnose, appropriately treat, and manage challenging infections, is molecular syndromic testing. Together, we will span across the diagnostics portfolio to have an in-depth look at outcomes and use cases benefitting different patient populations. 

Join our presenters to explore the multifaceted landscape of respiratory testing, offering insights on how to effectively apply diverse testing modalities to enhance patient care and streamline laboratory operations.

 ESCMID-appointed Chair: Chrysanthi Skevaki 

University Hospital Giessen & Marburg, Germany

Organiser-appointed Chair: Alison Kuchta
Roche Molecular Solutions Pleasanton, USA


  • Vittorio Sambri: Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine-DIMES, Alma Mater Studiorum-University of Bologna
  • Annemarie Berger: Institute of Medical Virology, University Hospital Frankfurt, Goethe University
  • Ulrich Eigner: MVZ Laboratory Dr. Limbach

Meet the speakers (Roche Symposium)

Prof. Dr. Vittorio Sambri

Prof. Dr. Vittorio Sambri

Regional Reference Centre for Emerging Infections
University of Bologna, Italy

Exploring the status quo and unmet medical needs for syndromic testings

Prof. Dr. Annemarie Berger

Prof. Dr. Annemarie Berger

Institute for Medical Virology at Goethe University
Frankfurt, Germany

Utility of a rapid, precise and easy to use solution in a near-patient setting

Dr. Ulrich Eigner

Dr. Ulrich Eigner

Laboratory Limbach Heidelberg and Limbach Group SE network,
Heidelberg, Germany

Hands-on experience and benefits of an automated laboratory based high throughput solution

Meet the in-booth speakers

Pascal Bittel

Pascal Bittel

Principal Investigator in the group "Molecular Analytics and Innovation" at the Institute for Infectious Diseases, University of Bern 

Pascal Bittel, a Basel, Switzerland native, currently serves as the Principal Investigator in the group "Molecular Analytics and Innovation" at the Institute for Infectious Diseases, University of Bern, and as the Co-Head of the Molecular Analytics Department at the same institute within the University Hospital Bern. His primary interest and research focus lie in respiratory viruses and their transmission. He earned his PhD in Biology from the University of Basel, specializing in receptor ligand interaction. Pascal Bittel's career includes roles as a Senior Scientist (Biosafety) at the State Laboratory of Basel-City, a Laboratory Specialist in Immunology at the Institute for Infectious Diseases, and a Scientific Manager at Enzo Life Sciences, Inc.

Barbara Van der Pol

Barbara Van der Pol

Professor of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Alabama at  Birmingham, USA

Dr. Van Der Pol is a Professor of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Director of the UAB STD Diagnostics Laboratory. She has been active in the field of the biology, epidemiology and diagnostics of sexually transmitted infections (STI) for more than 40 years.  Her behavioral research focuses on delivery, utilization and implementation of new diagnostic technologies. Dr. Van Der Pol currently serves as the President of the International Society for STD Research.

Dr. Federico Garcia

Federico Garcia

Head of Department, Microbiology Department of the University Hospital San Cecilio, Granada, Spain

Dr. Federico García, Ph.D., has worked for the past 10 years in the Microbiology Department of the University Hospital San Cecilio, Granada, Spain, where he serves, since October 2009, as Head of Department. He has served as an Associate Professor in Microbiology for the University of Granada. He is the former Vice President of the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases & Clinical Microbiology Dr. Garcia is on hospital and medical school committees, and national and European committees related to HIV resistance. He coordinates the Spanish HIV Research Network Work Package on subtypes and resistance and contributes with several European organizations on HIV resistance (ESAR, Eurocord-CHAIN) and hepatitis resistance (HEPVIR). He has been actively involved in recent research on Transmitted Drug Resistance in Spain and Europe, on genotypic investigation on HIV viral Tropism, and on clinical significance of HIV low and very low-level viraemia. He is now actively involved in hepatitis C virus and hepatitis B virus research activities. He is a past president of GEHEP (Spanish Viral Hepatitis Study Group of the Clinical Microbiology & Infectious diseases Spanish Society), and the coordinator of HEPCRESP, the Spanish national cohort on HCV resistance to new DAAs. He is the former Vice President of the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases & Clinical Microbiology. He is a former member of the Forum for HCV Collaborative Research, and the International Collaborative HCV Resistance database. Dr. Garcia received his Ph.D. from the University of Granada and is a member of professional and scientific societies, including the European Society for Antiviral Resistance, the Spanish Group for AIDS study, and the Spanish Group for Hepatitis Study.  He is reviewer of HIV & HCV papers for national and international journals.

Tiziana Lazzarotto

Tiziana Lazzarotto

Professor of  Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology at  the Department of Specialized, Experimental and  Diagnostic Medicine at the University of Bologna in  Italy, School of Medicine

Tiziana Lazzarotto is Full professor of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology at the Department of Specialized, Experimental and Diagnostic Medicine at the University of Bologna in Italy, School of Medicine. In addition, Tiziana is Head of the Laboratory of Virology at the Operative Unit of Clinical Microbiology at St. Orsola Polyclinic, Bologna and Director of the Postgraduate school of Microbiology and Virology at the University of Bologna School of Medicine.Tiziana has made significant contributions in the study of viral infections, specifically on the pre and postnatal diagnosis of congenital CMV and Rubella infections and the management of CMV and EBV infections in solid organ and hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients. Professor Lazzarotto is a member of the managing committee for the Italian Society for Clinical Microbiology (AMCLI) and a founding member of the European Congenital CMV Initiative (ECCI).

Ngee Keong Tan

Ngee Keong Tan

Clinical scientist in Medical Virology & Microbiology at South West London Pathology

Ngee Keong is a clinical scientist in medical virology/microbiology at South West London Pathology. He completed his biomedical and clinical science training in the UK following his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. He was awarded a Diplomateship of the Royal College of Pathologists (UK) and is completing his Higher Specialist Scientist Training in clinical virology. His professional and research interests are infections in pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and implementation of rapid, accurate, and efficient laboratory diagnostics to detect and monitor infections. Ngee Keong also has a special interest in the regulation, certification and performance monitoring of in vitro diagnostic devices.

Marc Lütgehetmann

Marc Lütgehetmann

Senior Physician and  Specialist in microbiology at the University  Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Germany

Marc Lütgehetmann is a Senior Physician and Specialist in microbiology at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), Germany. He holds a master’s degree from the UKE and has been a researcher at the university since 2004. Dr Lütgehetmann's research focuses on hepatitis viruses and the molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases. His studies include the use of animal models to investigate the biology of hepatitis delta (HDV), in vivo interactions between HDV and hepatitis B virus, mechanisms of HDV-associated liver injury, and different antiviral strategies. Dr Lütgehetmann’s research aims to inform the development of new and improved treatments and diagnostics. He has authored or co- authored more than 200 scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals, such as the New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet, and Nature Medicine. Dr Lütgehetmann is also a regular invited speaker at numerous national and international scientific congresses.

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