cobas® 6800 System

Fully integrated. Completely automated. Entirely transformational.

IVD For in vitro diagnostic use.
cobas® 6800 System
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Fully integrated. Completely automated. Entirely transformational.

Laboratories of all sizes and disciplines can now empower their testing with the proven performance of the cobas® 6800 System.

As healthcare faces increasing labor shortages, evolving regulations, and new players entering the market, laboratories should look for sustainable solutions that can ensure their long-term success.

The cobas® 6800 System can help future-focused labs adjust to the changing healthcare landscape, by ushering in a revolutionary new way of thinking about nucleic acid amplification testing—the Molecular Work Area. This flexible, value-driven approach brings simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility to molecular testing.

cobas® 6800 System - The entry point for sustainability and success
High throughput and maximum walk-away time

The cobas® 6800 System is a fully automated solution with high-throughput, that can drive laboratory efficiency in a number of ways.

  • Run up to 864 results from an eight-hour shift, and up to 1,440 results in 24-hours.*
  • Gain up to 8 hours of walk-away time* with just 3 user interactions per run.
  • Streamline resource-intensive applications such as viral load IVD monitoring, blood screening, microbiology testing and women’s health.

As the first high-throughput, fully integrated laboratory automation system with a broad menu, the cobas® 6800 System allows you to experience real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology like never before.

cobas 6800 System throughput

cobas 6800 throughput
Absolute automation for absolute efficiency

Transform “walk-away” time into “work-away” time. Minimal and intuitive interactions reduce the potential for human error and free-up technicians for other tasks.

  • Ready-to-use reagents do not require thawing, mixing or pouring
  • Automated onboard storage and refrigeration system enable ready access and maintain inventory of consumables and reagents
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and barcodes ensure full traceability from samples in to results out
  • Uni- and bi-directional LIS interface simplifies order and result handling

Pre-analytical automation solutions can further reduce manual touchpoints, resulting in a true “samples in, results out” workflow. Additional post-analytics units facilitate fully-automated sample archiving and retrieval for add-on testing.

8 hours work-away time
Maximize the potential of real-time PCR testing

The cobas® 6800 System can help you meet the growing needs of your lab with highly efficient workflows, from sample processing to result interpretation.

Unmatched flexibility in molecular testing

Meet your needs today and in the future with simplified workflows plus universal processes, consumables, and reagents. The cobas® 6800 System requires no sorting or batching of samples, no reagent preparation, and no manual set up of runs.

  • Process up to 3 different tests from a single patient sample
  • Handle high-priority samples quickly and easily with a dedicated priority lane

With a broad on-demand assay menu, the cobas® 6800 System allows you to run the tests you want, when you want.

Further flexibility is possible with the cobas omni Utility Channel, a dedicated open channel for both IVD assays and high-volume laboratory developed tests (LDTs). The cobas omni Utility Channel creates an opportunity to broaden your menu and automate more testing on the cobas® 6800 System.

Explore the cobas 6800 system

cobas® 6800 System
8 hours work-away time with cobas® 6800 System
Maximize your laboratory’s potential with complete connectivity

Only Roche delivers proven integration at an unsurpassed level. The cobas® 6800 System can be physically and virtually integrated with pre- and post-analytic solutions, as well as across disciplines—including serum work area (SWA), urinalysis, and hematology using cobas® connection modules (CCM).

Proven service and support today and tomorrow

Powered by Nobel-prize winning PCR, Roche’s leading diagnostic solutions continue to transform molecular testing. Roche introduced the world to PCR and is committed to driving laboratory innovation into the future.

Roche Healthcare Consulting gives you access to our world-class service team comprised of more than 2,000 technical and field experts in more than 70 countries. Partnering with Roche connects your laboratory to unparalleled diagnostic expertise and puts the future of molecular testing is in our collective hands.

* May vary based on workflow demands.


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