cobas® Liat - Enables accurate testing

David benefits from lab-quality testing in minutes

Hello my name is David

I manage a diagnostics laboratory servicing a regional hospital network with a number of satellite clinics. Our ultimate goal is to support healthcare professionals in their efforts to deliver the best care possible—that also means being available when testing is needed in STAT or out-of-hours settings.


Sollutions for David's Challenges

cobas® Liat® offers optimal solutions for David's needs: The real-time PCR system is designed for on-demand molecular testing, and is ideal for satellite locations, to ensure patients get the care they need when they need it.

Laboratories profit from fast and definite molecular test results delivered by Roche’s cobas® Liat®.
Roche’s compact PCR system achieves Strep A, Influenza, RSV, and Cdiff test results in 15 to 20 minutes.

David challenges and the cobas® Liat® PCR System's Solutions

  • Challenge 1: We want to support the testing needs of patients in remote locations.

    Solution: Small in size, perfect for locations where space is limited.

  • Challenge 2: I need a solution that improves our ability to process urgent or out-of-hours requests.

    Solution: Single assay runs deliver definitive results in 20 minutes or less, for timely diagnoses.

  • Challenge 3: Traditional diagnostic equipment requires highly trained technicians.

    Solution: Fully-automated and easy to use, requiring minimal training and hands-on time.

  • Challenge 4: Accuracy must remain the focus.

    Solution: Powerful PCR technology expertly designed with a built-in internal control.