Personalized consultancy designed for your laboratory’s specific needs

At Roche, personalized consultancy is available every step of the way; from the first assessment phase, through implementation and beyond for continuous improvements, supported by consultancy experts.

Through close collaboration with our customers, we have developed new solutions and tools that are tailored to their laboratory’s needs. One example is the new Roche Inventory Solution. This is an application that helps to manage inventory, designed for the specific needs of laboratories, optimizing supply chain processes and providing real-time management insights. This will ultimately save time, enhancing management of the lab.


Healthcare systems are often challenged by the complexity that comes with new technologies and tools that enhance clinical processes, comments Carlos Martins, International Business Leader,Core Lab,Global Solution Integration & Services(SIS).


At Roche, our services do not stop at delivering best-in-class products to our clients. We also work across the whole value chain providing expert consultancy to ensure solutions and process optimization.


Your partner in shaping your lab for the future


At Roche, we work as consulting partners with our customers to empower them to be reliable and trustworthy experts that healthcare professionals need.

Providing expert guidance from start to finish allows laboratories to deliver fast and reliable results, enabling doctors to provide effective and timely consultation to their patients. Redesigning the lab and aligning work processes inevitably help boost performance over time.


At Roche, we aim to give laboratories and ultimately doctors the confidence that they need to deliver accurate and effective healthcare to patients in real time, said Jean-Claude Gottraux, Head of Centralised and Point of Care Solutions. 


Working collaboratively and directly with those who use our products across healthcare settings gives us the insights we need to continue to develop innovative solutions according to new and emerging laboratory needs.


Your partner in reducing unnecessary costs


While new technology brings far-reaching opportunities, equipment alone will not bring sustainable gains. As your consultancy partner for laboratory solutions, we not only help you deliver better patient care, but we also help you to minimize unnecessary laboratory costs that ultimately drive down performance. Optimizing productivity helps to reduce costs, which gives payers and policymakers the confidence that they are investing in the right solutions for patients and the future.

Roche has the heritage and scientific know-how to provide best-in-class solutions that meet laboratories’ increasing needs. Roche also has the knowledge and expertise that laboratories can benefit from, aiding simplicity and productivity in an environment that is challenged by large volumes and complexity. Choose Roche as your reliable partner to enhance clinical processes, benefiting you and ultimately the patient.