KAPA Target Enrichment

Target Enrichment for translational and clinical research applications in sequencing

Every step of the next-generation sequencing sample prep process has the potential to impact results. The KAPA portfolio, originally for NGS library preparation, now encompasses off-the shelf and custom Target Enrichment probes and consumables to provide a single vendor service and support for all sample prep reagents. 

KAPA Target Enrichment includes KAPA HyperExome, KAPA HyperChoice and KAPA HyperExplore probes and replaces the SeqCap products. 

To learn more about KAPA Target Enrichment

·         KAPA HyperExome: a whole exome sequencing design with comprehensive coverage of the latest HG38 human genome build coding regions from CCDS, RefSeq, Ensembl, GENCODE and ClinVar databases, including 387 Sample Tracking SNPs to facilitate sample identity tracking throughout the workflow KAPA HyperExome >

·         KAPA HyperChoice: a human genome custom design offering through HyperDesign on-line tool KAPA Custom Probes >

·         KAPA HyperExplore probes: a non-human genome custom design offering through HyperDesign on-line tool KAPA Custom Probes > and the HyperCap Workflow >

Fully integrated sample preparation solution

KAPA HyperCAP Workflow v3.0, including KAPA Target Enrichment along with the KAPA library prep, provides a streamlined and fully automatable preparation workflow with decreased hands-on time and turnaround time by for example a reduced number of clean-up steps compared to previous workflows1,2

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  • 50% price discount on HyperExome in the 12rxn or 24rxn pack (96 or 192 samples, 8-plexing), including the commonly needed KAPA reagents for the complete workflow including KAPA HyperPlus for library preparation.
  • Attractive price reductions on HyperChoice and HyperExplore on an individual basis. We're looking forward to your inquiry!

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