Brynsengfaret 6b, 0667 Oslo


Mailing adress:

Postboks 6610 Etterstad, 0607 Oslo

23 37 33 00


General manager, Daniel Malarek

Phone: 480 29 409

Head of RMS, Julie Desnoyers

Phone: 477 16 069

Head of CPS, Jarle Norland

Phone: 913 55 133

Teknisk service: Service manager, Jørn Atle Bjertnes

Phone: 909 74 800

Diabetes Care and Accu-Chek: Head of Sales, Susann Lenes

Phone: 900 98 262 


Customer support
Customer support

Phone: 23 37 33 33



Customer support molecular diagnostics and pathology:

Phone: 23 37 33 88



Customer support ordering:



Accu-Chek customer support:

Phone: 21 400 100



Roche Diagnostics Norge AS

Brynsengfaret 6b, 0667 Oslo

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