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Introduction to Roche Inventory Solution 5.0

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0
Developed based on customer feedback - responding to real-world needs

With the Roche Inventory Solution 5.0, we have raised the performance – bringing you greater reliability and compatibility with existing procedures. We redesigned the Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 based on feedback from labs of all sizes and disciplines. It features a new platform, a redesigned scanner, and multiple new workflows.

These updates smooth the way for you to optimize your supply chain, and ultimately free your concentration for the work you do in providing care for your patients.

An inventory solution built around you

Inventory management is far from your top priority. In fact, 72% of labs manage their inventory manually, and 10% do not manage their inventory at all.1 In addition, you fear the potential extra work, stress, training and costs of integrating a new digital inventory management solution.

We developed the Roche Inventory Solution (RIS) to be easy to implement and easy to live with. This is a solution that keeps laboratories of all sizes informed and in control of inventories at all times - and helps to save both time and money.

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0
The key benefits of Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 at a glance
  • Manual tracking of order and deliveries
  • Reduce the need for frequent and tedious manual stock counts
  • Support the lab in fulfilling service-level agreements and delivering on-time results
  • Optimize deliveries and save costs of shipping fees
  • Enable continuous monitoring of stock levels
  • Reduce amount of expired reagents
  • Automate the inventory process reducing the time spent on it by the lab staff and the associated human errors
How does the Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 work?

The Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 consists of two key components: a smart hand-held device and a cloud-based web application.

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0
The hand-held device
  • Principal inventory management tool for lab technicians
  • Scan products on arrival to add them to your inventory and assign them to the appropriate locations
  • Scan products when removing them from storage or transferring them to a different location
  • Configure alerts to select products according to expiry date – optimizing use and avoiding waste
Roche Inventory Solution 5.0
The web application
  • Access using PC to check and track inventory status in real time
  • Configure the platform to propose or even automatically trigger consolidated restocking orders
  • Group inventory visually by various parameters to gain clear insights
  • Create tailored movement or consumption reports for deeper analyses, to optimize stock levels and help you fulfill reporting and compliance requirements
Roche Inventory Solution 5.0
The fit to the inventory lifecycle

The Roche Inventory Solution supports lab technicians and managers throughout the inventory lifecycle, simplifying daily tasks and improving oversight.

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Roche Inventory Solution 5.0
So why barcodes? Here’s why:
  • No hidden costs
  • Accurate scanning – low miss rates
  • Low staff training requirements
  • No need to install costly readers
  • No infrastructure modification needed and seamless integration of third-party products
  • Seamless integration of third-party products
A simple, effective solution based on established technology

The Roche Inventory Solution (RIS) 5.0 has been designed with you and your needs in mind. That means it flexibly adapts to your existing workflows without the need for extensive modifications to your infrastructure. Because the Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 leverages barcode technology (as oppose to RFID), it is easy to adopt and intuitive to use, making it a simple yet highly effective solution. Moreover, it supports easy integration of third-party inventory items, uses low-cost hardware, is inexpensive to implement and offers a high degree of standardization. All this makes the Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 a versatile addition to your laboratory environment.

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0
Roche Inventory Solution 5.0
Third-party vendors

Not every product you use is RFID-tagged. But all of the items in your laboratory, from reagents to basic lab essentials, have a barcode. This makes it easy to integrate products into your inventory regardless of vendor, eliminating the need for you to manually relabel products or invest in tag-printing hardware.

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0

The Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 comprises handheld barcode readers and a software interface. This keeps the costs for implementation, training and operation low. By contrast, introducing RFID technology requires much greater up-front expenditure for equipment and infrastructure – so return on investment is slow.

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0

Barcode scanning is fast and efficient and requires minimal changes to your existing processes. Compare this to RFID – where major infrastructure overhaul as well as large-scale installation of readers is necessary – and it’s easy to see why barcodes make sense for inventory management.

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0
Staff training

To get the most from your inventory solution, you need to train your staff how to use it. Getting used to the new practices that come with RFID technology and transitioning from manual to highly automated processes is costly and time-consuming. The barcode scanners and web interface that are part of the Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 are familiar and intuitive for your staff.

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0

Line-of-sight imaging offered by barcode scanning is immediate and accurate and delivers instant feedback on whether an item has been successfully captured. Despite the automation promises of RFID, tags can be missed due to factors such as insufficient antenna coverage and electromagnetic interference (tag collision).

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0

RFID tags are not yet established as an industry norm, so there are multiple standards and tag types. And not every vendor uses the same ones. By contrast, barcode technology is firmly established and standardized across many industries.

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0
Industry experts have their say

Why is automated inventory management important? What’s the best way to keep track of items entering and leaving the stock room? What are the pros and cons of RFID technology? How do barcode systems like the Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 measure up? Industry experts voice their opinions.

The future of inventory management

“The technology wave is here. And we can either ride it or get swept away. In the lab we have to consider new tools, we have to try and eliminate repetitive processes which do not add value. And to do so, we need the right technology and the right people.”
Roche Inventory Solution 5.0
“I would like to highlight the value of the human component – our human resources. We talk about technology and professionalization and I think human resources will be a distinguishing feature. 20 years ago, the distinguishing feature of a lab was the type of equipment it had. Today, it’s all about computer systems, system interconnection and connectivity, which will continue to be valuable in the future, too. But you also need qualified human resources, capable of using the automation technology, dealing with computerization and with technical aspects relating to the lab and lab results. That is very important to us.”

Andrés Albrecht

Head of the Lab Laboratorio Mega
Rafaela, Argentina

The challenges for RFID inventory management

“The integration of RFID into existing practices requires considerable investment from organizations [Participant 1]; reengineering the business and aligning the systems takes time.”
“Unfortunately, RFID tags are not necessarily the most cost-effective and workable solution in today’s global supply chains. Constraints include: higher costs; interference caused by certain materials; upgrading equipment may be necessary; RFID may be incompatible in other countries, DCs or warehouses.”
“Although RFID technology is very promising for the healthcare industry, there are several risks or barriers that impede the implementation of this technology which include economic, technical, organizational, and legal challenges.”
“Below are some common issues that prevent tags from being read consistently: incorrect tag orientation, electromagnetic interference, absorption/reflection of RF energy, detuning the tag antenna, shadowing.”

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Roche Inventory Solution 5.0
Discover how the Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 can meet your needs

Want to learn more about the Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 and see for yourself how customers around the world are already benefitting? Download the brochure, white paper and customer testimonials here.


Roche Inventory Solution 5.0

An inventory solution built around you

Why is inventory management important? How can you streamline inventory processes in your lab? And how does the Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 meet the specific requirements of your facility? Download the brochure to learn more about how this solution works.

White paper

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0

A detailed view

This white paper provides an in-depth look at the key advantages of a barcode-based inventory management solution, and highlights how the Roche Inventory Solution 5.0 was developed with real-world needs in mind. Read the whitepaper and get a comprehensive overview.

Built on real-world success: experiences with RIS 4.0

Customer testimonial - Argentina

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0

Creating a foundation for the future

Laboratorio Mega, a large, independent biomedical lab in Argentina, implemented the Roche Inventory Solution with a view to building a strong, dynamic platform for the future. Find out how this works in practice by reading the testimonial.

Customer testimonial - Costa Rica

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0

Simplifying day-to-day tasks

Decision-makers on Hospital Clínica Bíblica’s in-house IT team were looking for new ways to enhance inventory processes – when they discovered the Roche Inventory Solution. Learn how this solution supports faster, efficient inventory management for this facility in Costa Rica, by downloading the testimonial.

Customer testimonial - Denmark

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0

Meeting high demands

The clinical biochemical lab at Vejle Hospital in Vejle, Denmark, operates 24/7. To meet high demands and tight deadlines, it needs to ensure sufficient stocks of consumables. Thanks to the Roche Inventory Solution, the lab has automated manual processes – and is reaping the benefits. Discover how in the testimonial.

Customer testimonial - Taiwan

Roche Inventory Solution 5.0

Enhancing speed and accuracy

Biomedical laboratory UPL in South Taiwan aims to provide the fastest most accurate results possible. To help staff focus on core tasks, the lab introduced the Roche Inventory Solution to take care of inventory management. Find out what happened in this testimonial.