cobas® Liat® System assay menu

Targeted menu to help you confidently test, triage and treat

Respiratory and Healthcare-associated infections can be among the most challenging to manage, but with the right diagnostic strategy, confident patient management and more appropriate antibiotic prescribing are within reach.

The high PCR sensitivity and specificity achieved with the cobas® Liat® System enables patients and clinicians to have reassurance in their diagnostic results at all points of care in 20 minutes or less, across a growing menu of assays.

This powerful pairing of speed and accuracy seamlessly integrates with the cobas® infinity POC solution connectivity to form the total point-of-care PCR solution. Learn how you can transform POC testing efficiency and patient satisfaction in emergency care and primary care settings.

Fast, accurate molecular point-of-care results without compromise

Patients deserve the best care possible - that means reliable results in a reasonably short amount of time. Traditional diagnostic options offer a trade-off between speed or accuracy, and since many diseases can initially present with similar symptoms, the need for a reliably accurate point-of-care testing solution is high.

Signs and system alone

Signs and symptoms alone

Provides a quick diagnosis but empiric treatment may lead to inappropriate antimicrobial use.

Antigen test

Rapid antigen testing

Fast and easy-to-use, but sensitivity varies which may lead to missed diagnoses.

Lab culture

Laboratory culture

Highly accurate but prolongs time to diagnosis for patients.