HCV Dual Probe

Redefining HCV Viral Load Monitoring

The first FDA-approved HCV RNA viral load test for use as an aid in the diagnosis of active HCV infections.

HCV — An ever-changing virus

Accurately detect and quantitate all HCV genotypes 1 through 6

The combination of error-prone RNA replication with a high rate of virus production results in extreme genetic variability of hepatitis C virus (HCV). A quantitative HCV RNA test must thus be able to tolerate sequence mismatches for accurate and reliable results.

  • Two non-overlapping detection probes, when combined with two staggered primers, ensure assay performance with HCV isolates containing sequence heterogeneity.
  • Mismatch tolerance enables the test to accurately quantify the target despite nucleotide changes in the viral genome while maintaining high specificity for HCV RNA.
Roche Dual Probe HCV


1. cobas® HCV Package Insert 07175418001-01EN ver 1.0.