Roche Tissue Diagnostics

Our mission is to improve the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer

Every year across the globe, more than 14 million people develop cancer, a number that is expected to grow to more than 21 million by the year 2030. Strengthening diagnosis improves chances of survival for the millions of people living with cancer, which means precise, personalized diagnostics are critical as we continue the fight against this deadly disease.

As an innovator of tissue-based diagnostic solutions for patients worldwide, we provide the anatomic pathology lab with a powerful combination of instrumentation, medical value assays and digitally integrated workflow.


Revolutionizing cancer diagnostics, from Ventana Medical Systems to Roche


Founded as Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., in 1985 by University of Arizona pathologist Dr. Thomas Grogan, the company was acquired by Roche in 2008. Known today as Roche Tissue Diagnostics, we have revolutionized cancer diagnostics worldwide through state-of-the-art  testing automation. We provide more than 250 cancer tests and associated instruments, making us the leading global supplier of cancer diagnostic systems to the pathology market.


Pioneers in personalized healthcare


We are improving patient care through tests that determine which patients are most likely to benefit from specific therapies. Through companion diagnostics, we are linking the most accurate diagnosis with the most targeted and relevant therapeutic available for each patient. We partner with Roche Pharma and other pharmaceutical companies to develop predictive diagnostics that provide patients with personalized treatment options, such as immunotherapies which encourage the body’s immune system to target and kill cancer cells.


Empowering pathology professionals, improving patient outlook


Through excellence and innovation in science and engineering, our people are leading the discovery, development and delivery of diagnostic systems and tissue-based cancer tests that are guiding the future of healthcare. This culture of constant innovation at Roche Tissue Diagnostics fuels our vision: to empower our customers by providing the highest quality, most innovative cancer diagnostic solutions. We are passionate in our pursuit of diagnostic solutions that improve the practice of medicine because when we empower pathology professionals, we brighten the outlook for patients.