cobas® pro and cobas® pure integrated solutions in AZ Delta

Transformation of the clinical laboratories of AZ Delta and Sint-Andries hospital Tielt

Innovation, quality, and cost-efficiency: how Roche Diagnostics solutions help a Belgian laboratory network achieve growth in these 3 dimensions

The laboratories of AZ Delta, with sites in Rumbeke (Roeselare), Torhout, and Menen, and the laboratory of Sint-Andries hospital in Tielt, are working together under the leadership of Dr. Dieter De Smet.

For the renovation of the laboratories, a fully automated solution was chosen for the core laboratory in Rumbeke, ensuring an uninterrupted process.

Consolidation and predictability were important drivers for us to choose automation in our core laboratory and satellite laboratories. We believe that the automation solution provided by Roche effectively meets our needs, which are also reflected in our strategy of achieving growth in 3 dimensions: cost-efficiency, innovation, and quality. Dr. Dieter De Smet, Lab Director

For the satellite laboratories, the compactness of the analytical system was important, and therefore, the cobas pure integrated solutions were installed.

The connection and interaction between the different laboratories play a crucial role in the laboratory network. The choice of the analytical systems cobas pro in the core laboratory and cobas pure in the satellite labs offers many advantages. The test portfolio and measurement methods between the network laboratories are identical, and the analog software of both systems allows laboratory technologists to work in any lab within the network. The reagent cassettes are also very user-friendly and time-saving.


With the introduction of the new system, we have been able to maintain our number of full-time equivalents while increasing the volume of tests and expanding the test portfolio on the same platform.  Hilde Vanpoucke, Clinical Biologist

lab set-up

The cobas pro has the advantage of a wide test portfolio. The cassettes used are compact and contain a large number of tests, resulting in less loading and unloading, which is user-friendly and time-saving. Hilde Vanpoucke, Clinical Biologist

lab set-up satellite lab

On the cobas pure, we can use the same reagent cassettes as on the cobas pro systems in the central laboratory. This offers logistical advantages in terms of reagent and lot management, storage, and distribution of reagent cassettes. An-Sofie Decavele, Clinical Biologist

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