Digital Diagnostics: actionable insights for meaningful outcomes

Implementing your vision with confidence

Almost all medical decisions are fundamentally based on diagnostic data

So fast and accurate data processing is a must. Not only because the demands are higher than ever, but also because as an expert in your field, you strive for excellence. 

Due to the increasing volume of data and the lack of solutions for efficient data processing, you reach your limits when implementing your vision. With its wide range of solutions that provide better integration, workflow, collaboration, insight and decision making, Roche Digital Diagnostics enables you to leverage your data effectively and enforces you to implement your vision with confidence!


Operational Effectiveness

Healthcare professionals are faced with the challenge of simultaneously delivering more performance in the face of increasing pressure on resources and costs. Optimize your processes, increase your efficiency and enable yourself and your staff to make the right decisions in an increasingly complex environment thanks to our software solutions.

• Increase workflow productivity & staff satisfaction 
• Elevate quality control & compliance 
• Minimize system downtime & maximize business continuity

Harness the power of data and workflow integration to enable better oversight and meet growing demands.

• cobas® infinity laboratory solution 
• cobas® infinity POC solution 
• cobas® infinity production monitoring
• Roche Remote Caregiver
• VENTANA VANTAGE workflow solution 
• VENTANA Connect
• Viewics LabOPS Core
• Viewics LabOPS AP
• Viewics LabOPS PCR COVID-19

Patient & Financial Insights

We want to help you generate added value from your data. With the help of modern data analytics solutions, you can identify financial and operational potential in the hospital and laboratory and make informed, data-based decisions.


• Improve test utilization
• Identify at-risk patient populations
• Reduce costs and increase best practices

Rich insights inform patient-care decisions, ensuring the right test is given to the right patient at the right time.

• cobas® infinity edge
• NAVIFY® Pass
• VIEWICS Dx Optimization™

Clinical Decision Support

The increasing complexity and amount of data in medicine requires data-based support for therapy decisions. We would like to support you in finding the individually suitable therapy for your patients.


• Drive collaboration and knowledge-sharing
• Deliver a more personalized patient experience

Impact patient care by connecting siloed data at the point of decision.

• NAVIFY® Tumor Board Solution
• NAVIFY® Mutation Profiler
• NAVIFY® Clinical Decision Support apps
• Roche uPath enterprise software

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