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Quality & Accreditation Support
As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, laboratories are confronted with new or adjusted standards and regulations. IVDR, the new version of the ISO 15189 and additional governmental requirements set new challenges for the labs.


Our commitment begins with ensuring laboratories achieve and maintain accreditation, showcasing their engagement to meeting rigorous standards. We provide consultancy services, tailored training programs, and access to data to enhance their QMS and foster continuous improvement.

Additionally, our expertise in regulations and ISO standards helps laboratories navigate complex regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance and the highest level of quality.

Through our support and comprehensive training, we aim to enable laboratories to excel in their daily work and equip new quality managers with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

A robust quality management system (QMS) plays a crucial role in laboratories, benefiting both the facility and the patients it serves. We are committed to supporting you to comply with all these new laws and regulations throughout the entire lifecycle of the instrument or product.


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