Our mission to create a better world

The future of sustainability

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Sustainability beyond environmental concerns

Working together in harmony, we will meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs

The Three Faces of Sustainability

At Roche we believe a better future is possible if we integrate social, economic, and environmental commitments into a collaborative three-faced strategy that promotes sustainable practices across all our operations.

Working together we aim to enhance society's quality of life, maintain economic stability, and minimise our environmental impacts through our daily endeavours, our Research & Development, and commit to the United Nations development program goals for a sustainable world.

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Sustainability is not just a word, it's our commitment to a better future

 Our mission starts with our firm commitment to a  brighter future for all.

We're on our way to achieving our sustainability goals.

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29B tests conducted with Roche Diagnostics1

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#1 investor in R&D* of the industry in 2022 by investing 10% of sales revenue2

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81% of our electricity is coming from renewable sources1

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The Face of Social Sustainability

Affecting the wellbeing of communities, everywhere

At Roche, people are our top priority, and we are dedicated to delivering health, personal growth, and a secure working environment. Through our inclusive and diverse practices, we strive to cultivate a culture of integrity, respect, and equal opportunities. We firmly believe that people are essential in achieving our objective of sustain a healthy society

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The Face of Economic Sustainability

A forward-thinking approach to sustain economic stability

Through constant innovation in Diagnostics, we're not only advancing medical science but also creating jobs and ensuring a fairer distribution of resources. Today, we shape a brighter and more prosperous future through strategic investments that promote testing access and enhance well-being. We promote a cycle of growth that resonates not only locally, but on a global scale.

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The Face of Environmental Sustainability

Protecting the one planet we all call home

At Roche we are conscious that it's time for a transformative shift in the Diagnostics and Healthcare sectors. We assume our commitment internally while externally collaborating with like-minded partners and conscientious suppliers to achieve lower emissions, waste reduction, and corporate sustainability. Our environmental initiatives strive to balance human progress with the preservation of nature's ecosystems.

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Sustainable future

Goals 2050

At Roche we actively work to move closer to our goals for sustainability. We see the future built on responsible development supported by practical actions and continuous assessments of social, economic, and environmental concerns. 

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Real zero in Greenhouse Gases emissions by 2050** 3

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50% reduction of environmental footprint by 2029*** 3 

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Powered by 100% sustainable energy by 20253

Join us on our journey to a brighter future. 

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* Research & Development

** Scope 1: in-house emissions from our operations; Scope 2: Emissions from purchased energy.

*** per million points/employee