EuroMedLab 2023

EuroMedLab 2023
Rome, Italy | 21-25 May, 2023

Explore the past, present and future of diagnostic innovation

Join Roche for a journey through the past, present and future of Roche diagnostic innovations at EuroMedLab 2023. Be a part of the dynamic discussions and explore the endless possibilities for the future of diagnostics and your institution. 

Join us at the Roche booth live in Rome

We would like to take the opportunity to invite you to join live in person at La Nuvola - Roma Convention Group in Rome Italy.

We are looking forward to meeting you at EML!

Are you already registered to EuroMedLab? We are looking forward to hear about the topics you are interested in at our Roche booth #59.  Meet the Belgian Roche Diagnostics team to discuss challenges and opportunities you face. 

As a leader in the integration of IVD solutions, Roche invites you to join us on a captivating journey to not only explore the past and present of Roche Diagnostics but also to begin to explore what the future has in store for us and the industry as a whole. Join us as we start shaping the future of diagnostics, together.

Visit booth #59 to meet our team and see how we can address the challenges your lab is facing. We are looking forward to discussing how we can build an intelligent lab together with the help of some of our digital solutions by:

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Providing medical insights
  • Integrating data streams


An agenda to fit your needs

A detailed event schedule is in progress, however, we want to share with you all the exciting opportunities that Roche will have to offer at EuroMedLab 2023. 

We are delighted to offer a range of opportunities to fit everyone's needs or wants from the conference in Rome. To ensure you get the information you want we will be hosting a range of talks and discussions at EuroMedLab 2023:

Educational Workshops

We are glad to be able to offer a selection of educational workshops to provide you with insights into how Roche is helping to build the lab of the future. Topics include:

  • Empowering labs
  • Empowering clinical diagnostics

In-booth Talks

At our booth, you will be able to listen and partake in a series of in-booth talks. These talks are hosted by a series of Industry Experts, who will help bring to life some of the key topics surrounding the future of lab diagnostics. Topics will include:

  • Lab integration
  • Innovating point of care
  • Lab cybersecurity 
  • And more!
Booth Highlights

Join us as we explore the key areas that are helping diagnostics become the driving force behind the transformation of healthcare. Find out about Roche’s new and innovative diagnostic solutions so that together we can start to shape the lab of the future. Here is a sneak peek into what you can expect to experience at the Roche booth at EuroMedLab 2023 in Rome:

Core Lab

Join us on Monday to be part of history in the making and witness the unveiling of the evolution and revolution in the serum work area! Visit the booth to experience our new systems live and learn how our innovations will help to transform your laboratory.

Molecular Lab

Roche has an extensive molecular work area which includes a comprehensive menu of over 30 assays with proven performance and an entire ecosystem of PCR solutions, technologies, and capabilities. Come check us out at the booth to understand how we can support your molecular lab today. 

Point of Care

Visit us at the booth and sign up for a tour in our innovation room through our latest connected portfolio of point of care devices and explore the opportunities that come with these integrated solutions. We cannot wait to show you how we are bringing the future of care directly into your hands. 

Digital Solutions

Visit our booth to learn more about navify digital solutions. Learn how we can support your journey to digitally transform your lab and boost your laboratory performance. Speak with our cyber security experts and don't miss our 3D intelligent lab visualization and latest innovation. Building an intelligent lab.


Sustainability is a topic on everyone's mind, no matter the industry,  as we look toward our future. Visit our sustainability hub to understand Roche’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact by half by 2029.

Interested in meeting the Belgian team at EML?

You are already registerd to EuroMedLab? Share with us the topics you are interested in and you can meet the Belgian Rocherepresentatives at our booth!

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Highlights from EuroMedLab 2022

We are delighted to share with you three of the EuroMedLab 2022 Congress sessions, click below to watch our immersive videos to make it feel like you're back in Munich with us.