Digital Pathology solution

Experience the future of digital pathology with Roche

Roche has over 125 years of history fighting disease and pioneering healthcare innovations. Our digital pathology solution combines the latest hardware, software, and AI algorithms to change what’s possible in pathology.

Designed by pathologists for pathologists, our lab-ready solution combines advanced diagnostic hardware and software to provide clinical insights with digital precision. It is an integrated solution that combines innovative slide scanners, software and image analysis algorithms, working in harmony with the complete Roche diagnostic portfolio. 

Digital pathology is an effective way of delivering diagnostic testing for the healthcare system today and in the future. Roche digital pathology solutions are transforming the potential of laboratories, unlocking benefits for patients, pathologists, lab managers, and NHS trusts. 

Experience the future of digital pathology with Roche.

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Advanced digital pathology scanners and software

The Roche Digital Pathology solution combines innovative slide scanners, software and image analysis algorithms, operating in harmony with our advanced diagnostic portfolio. Partner with Roche, and you’ll get access to the most advanced hardware and software and a growing bank of AI algorithms that will improve diagnosis quality, consistency, and accuracy.

VENTANA slide scanners1 for whole slide imaging

Precision digital pathology scanners generate high-quality digital pathology images faster than ever before.

The Roche VENTANA slide scanner’s colour management and built-in calibration generate consistent, reproducible images with a low rescan rate. It’s the heart of our digital pathology solution.


Roche uPath digital pathology workflow software1

Roche uPath software improves communication and connectivity while automating processes to enhance the efficiency of your pathology laboratory.

Pathologists and technicians can access the images and results they need when they need them – accelerating testing, optimising processes, and improving outcomes.


Roche uPath image analysis algorithms1

Advanced uPath algorithms provide clinical clarity with digital precision. Pathologists can confidently and objectively assess whole tissue slide images as part of a fully integrated and optimised whole-slide analysis solution.

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  1. Registration Status: CE-IVD marked. In the United States;  For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures in the US. Refer to the product-specific labeling for the regulatory status of scanners and/or algorithms. IVD products can be used for in-vitro diagnostic use. Research Use Only (RUO) products are for research use only and not for diagnostic procedures.
  2. Roche research study at a customer site. Intraoperative frozen section consultation by remote whole-slide imaging analysis – validation and comparison to robotic remote microscopy. Menter T, Nicolet S, Baumhoer D, et al. J Clin Pathol 2020;73:350–35

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