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Providing high quality and innovative reagents for timely and reliable patient results

With clinical chemistry testing accounting for nearly 80% of your serum work area testing volumes, you need a solution that provides reliability and reproducibility.1

We all know that nowadays laboratories are facing tremendous challenges in a very volatile market. Laboratories are requested to deliver accurate, precise patient results in a short time, to deliver the right result, the first time. They are also asked to deliver consistent patient results across all care settings that allow for a seamless flow of data and resources that reduce risk and inefficiencies and thereby increase quality of care. 

They are facing cost pressures, meaning that labs are being asked to do more with less. This leads to increasing consolidation efforts and increased competition between laboratories for resources and work.

Setting a new standard

Roche can help to meet those challenges as we continue to invest significantly in innovation for medical value. Innovations include new technologies for superior performance; generating new claims for existing assays for wider application; and advancing assay design for accurate and reliable measurements, to help clinicians and patients.

  1. Tomáš Zima. Accreditation in clinical laboratories. Biochemia Medica 2010;20(2):215-20
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