Roche Integrated Solutions: The Future of In-Vitro Diagnostics

125 years of innovation, all leading up to Roche Integrated Solutions

Roche has been making a difference in the lives of millions for over a century. And you can't do that by standing still. 

Roche Integrated Solutions has been designed to seamlessly connect different laboratory disciplines, creating automated, integrated, and tailored solutions for laboratory diagnostics. This means shorter turnaround times, increased quality and accuracy of diagnostic test results, improved automation, efficiency, and return on investment.

Designed with patients in mind

While every customer has a unique set of challenges in the fast-paced world of healthcare solutions, there's one common thread that connects them all - silos.

When your technology and data is working in silos, your performance is limited, workflows are disjointed and patient outcomes are impacted.

All this, with the view of getting patients on the path to effective treatment as quickly as possible.

Designed to work together
Roche Integrated Solutions comprises of three key elements...

Laboratory Systems

network solutions

Full integration expands the efficiency, scope and quality of your service.

Digital Solutions


Scalable, personalised digital solutions providing end-to-end data and analytics.


service headset

Unique added value services providing the support you need now and in the future.

New capabilities for lab diagnostics

Working together as one bespoke solution, the laboratory systems, digital products and services provide you with greater integration and diagnostic capabilities. 

Roche Integrated Solutions focuses on three essential areas:

  • Personalisation. Listening to your unique challenges and meeting your exact needs. 

  • Performance. Deploying our automated services and market leading insight with digital solutions at the core. 

  • Partnership. Working with you at every stage of the journey to help you to deliver the best healthcare outcomes.
Cobas Roche diagnostic product connected
Roche Integrated Solutions products

Roche Integrated Solutions products are automated solutions that connect across all lab areas and are specifically designed for high-throughput laboratories to help everything work together seamlessly. 

The cobas® connection modules (CCM), combined with Roche’s cobas® IT solutions, give laboratories full and transparent control over their operational processes, whether at single or multi-site operations. 

cobas® systems have the ability to connect with pre- and post-analytic instruments, as well as those associated with other disciplines using cobas® connection modules (CCM). CCM also has a flexible, modular design that allows labs to expand their systems over time as demand increases, while monitoring laboratory performance and increasing both quality and confidence.

Cobas Roche diagnostic product connected
We put you at the heart of everything we do
We believe in the importance of honesty and integrity in the way we interact with you. Roche is committed to delivering on our customer promises:

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We listen to you

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We do what we say

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We keep you informed

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We make it easy for you

Roche Integrated Solutions Summary

Roche Integrated Solutions cover a diverse range of areas and testing. Whether it’s a hospital network needing fully connected transportation and integration in a centralised core laboratory, or a smaller lab that needs work area connectivity, every user will be able to find the right combination of services to meet their needs. Roche’s innovative technology consolidates multiple systems in one easy-to-use and fully automated instrument, offering the broadest scope of tests to date in areas such as HIV, hepatitis, oncology, cardiology and tests specific to women’s health in pregnancy and beyond.

With the Roche Integrated Solutions, you can deliver a more extensive repertoire of tests, improve efficiency with shorter turnaround times, increase quality, enhance efficiency, and recruit and retain high value staff. 

Imagine the possibilities of what Roche Integrated Solutions can do for you and your patients.


It all starts with a conversation