Roche Molecular

The leading provider of in vitro diagnostics

Roche Molecular, one of four customer-focused areas of Roche Diagnostics Solutions, develops, manufactures and supplies a wide array of innovative molecular diagnostic products, tests, platforms and technologies used to identify and quantify DNA and RNA from different organisms.

The business was founded in the early 1990s following Roche’s investment in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology. The mission—enhance the utility of PCR in combatting disease.

The success of researchers, laboratories and point-of-care testing locations relies largely on their ability to efficiently deliver timely, reliable diagnostic results to clinicians and the patients they serve. Our industry-leading systems, broad assay menus, and advanced digital solutions are designed to address real-world needs across the entire healthcare continuum, including oncology, infectious disease and blood screening.

Roche’s leadership and continued advancement of the technique enables PCR to make real differences in the lives of patients, laboratories and healthcare professionals everywhere. Enhancing the management of infectious diseases through early and accurate diagnoses has always been a core organizational focus and continues to define who we are today.

End-to-end efficiency

Roche Molecular's comprehensive offering of molecular solutions, delivers confidence, from samples in, to results out:

  • High-quality DNA and RNA extraction for life science applications
  • Fully automated high-throughput systems to meet the needs of customers and communities.
  • Unmatched flexibility with lab developed tests running on the same platform as IVD assays
Redefining molecular testing

Roche Molecular’s comprehensive portfolio of products form a scalable solution that enables labs to fully automate, consolidate, integrate, and standardize the molecular workflow.

This revolutionary, holistic approach to testing gives labs of all sizes the flexibility to run the tests they need, at scale, in a single workflow, even across disciplines.

  • End-to-end automation with pre- and post-analytics
  • A broad menu of high-quality assays
  • Advanced data analytics and insight capabilities
  • Seamless integration into core labs
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Envision the future of Molecular

PCR has evolved significantly since its discovery. Today, there exists an entire ecosystem of solutions surrounding the technology. Roche has been the primary driver of this advancement and will continue to invest in PCR innovation going forward. Watch our experts discuss the latest trends in molecular testing.

See how our key solutions are impacting the diagnostic world

MWA thumbnail

The Molecular Work Area

Transforming your lab and your future is easier than ever. See things differently with Molecular Work Area.

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Molecular point of care device thumbnail

Molecular Point of Care

Roche’s next-generation PCR technology delivers laboratory quality results at the point of care.

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Auitomated pipetting of lab developed tests

Lab developed tests (LDTs)

Delivering innovative lab developed tests is key in helping healthcare institutions defend against outbreaks and manage disease proliferation.

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Digital Diagnostics

A suite of specialized solutions that combines innovative technology, data analytics, and deep healthcare expertise to generate actionable insights for meaningful outcomes.

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Donor screening

Donor screening

Since launching the first Nucleic Acid Testing assays for blood screening, Roche has remained committed to keeping the blood supply safe through active surveillance and rapid development of screening solutions.

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Women health sample graphic

Women’s health

From prenatal testing to cervical cancer screening and breast and ovarian cancer diagnosis, our innovative solutions in women’s health empower physicians to provide the right treatment at the right time.

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Global Access Program

Global Access Program

Working hand in hand to provide innovative diagnostics solutions to those who need it most.

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Donor screening


Streamlining workflows and expanding assay menus to accelerate clinical research and cutting-edge diagnostics such as liquid biopsy.

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Donor screening

Infectious Diseases

The growing burden of infectious diseases is impacting the laboratory landscape, make preparedness a priority.

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About Molecular page

Multiplex testing

Molecular diagnostic tests that are designed to detect multiple pathogens from a single patient sample delivering rapid and actionable results.

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