A glance into the future of cardiology

A glance into the future of cardiology
Dr. Sandra Sanders van Wijk discusses the future of cardiology

Dr. Sandra Sanders - van Wijk, PhD, cardiologist at the Maastricht University Medical Centre, highlights the need for innovation in cardiology. In an interview with us she talks about her latest projects that follow upcoming trends in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and the shift towards automated evaluations in patient care.

One of these projects focuses on tailoring care by stratifying acute heart failure patients early with the aim to improve patient outcomes. Stratifying patients can also lead to earlier hospital discharge and help with follow-up care planning and optimization. Another project Dr. Sanders - van Wijk elaborates on includes the development of an artificial intelligence heart failure (HF) nurse to provide guidance and disease monitoring for patients at home and to improve their overall quality of life.

For continued improvement in patient care and to overcome the existing challenges in CVD management, collaborative research for innovative solutions needs to be carried out. Dr. Sanders - van Wijk strongly advocates for bringing medical value to the patients by tailoring the treatment and improving stratification of patients and by making care pathways smarter and more efficient in a sustainable manner.

Key facts
  • Listen to Dr Sandra - van Wijk as she shares her perspective on challenges in cardiovascular care and overcoming them in the future.
  • One of the key ways to tailor cardiac care can be based on better and earlier stratification of acute heart failure patients.
  • Another important project that lays the foundation for digital transformation focuses on using artificial intelligence to monitor patient care at home. 
  • Using efficient and innovative care pathways will lead to a superior standard of care and enhanced quality of life for CVD patients in the future.

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