Real-Time PCR testing for molecular diagnostics

Introducing the PCR Ecosystem from Roche

Molecular testing labs face numerous challenges and increasing pressures, from the demand for more answers to faster delivery of results, higher testing volumes, skilled staff shortages, increasing operational costs, and evolving trends in digitalization and consumerization. Molecular labs must consider when to leverage automation, which analyzers and tests will work best for the lab and ultimately patients, which options will be most cost effective, and how to remain flexible going forward. Different labs have different needs, requiring a range of solutions that can be tailored to suit unique situations. Partnering with a manufacturer that has a comprehensive ecosystem of molecular testing solutions offers choice and flexibility to meet diverse needs and requirements.


Leaders in Real-Time PCR Technology for molecular diagnostic testing


With a legacy of leadership in real-time PCR technology since 1991, Roche has been at the forefront of using real-time PCR for diagnostics across multiple disease areas, including virology, and various use cases, such as clinical diagnostics and blood screening. Our commitment to molecular solutions is reflected in our broad and diverse PCR offering, which includes high-quality products for centralized high-throughput fully automated testing, lower volume specialized testing, syndromic panel testing, and point-of-care diagnostics.

Meet your molecular testing needs with the Roche PCR Ecosystem

What if great stories don’t have to end?

In 1991, Roche made a bold move to refine the science of PCR technology.

Together with a community of bright minds, we took one of the most important scientific advances of the 20th century and helped turn it into a catalyst for discovery – revolutionising RNA and DNA research, and transforming clinical diagnostics for good.

But that was just the start.

Attuned to the evolving needs of our customers, we continue to innovate within the PCR space to fortify the future of molecular testing.

For clinical laboratories focused on high-volume in-vitro diagnostics, our products in the Molecular Work Area include end-to-end solutions with advancements in automation and integration, as well as a growing number of assays expected to exceed 55 in the near future.

And for rapid, comprehensive panel testing, the cobas® eplex system provides actionable data to support timely decisions for hospitalised and high-risk patients. 

To bridge the gap between clinical diagnostics and research, we are expanding our broad portfolio of Open Molecular Solutions with the versatile LightCycler® PRO System and integrating TIB Molbiol to continue supporting your lab’s needs as they evolve.

Knowing the value of PCR technology reaches beyond the walls of a lab, our cobas® liat system offers multi- and single-target assays with results in minutes, enabling clinicians to act now.

This growing ecosystem of solutions, with our hardware, software, and assays proves our unwavering commitment to the continuous innovation of PCR technology.

Fortifying the future – not just of molecular testing – but of patients, healthcare professionals, and scientists who continue to write their own stories of achievement and progress.

Introducing the PCR Ecosystem from Roche - helping leading molecular testing labs to streamline molecular testing, push boundaries through innovation, and partner with a trusted leader in molecular diagnostics across a wide variety of labs and testing settings.  With the PCR Ecosystem, labs can streamline molecular testing through sample-to-answer automation for high efficiency, high throughput molecular testing.  Labs can also push the boundaries of innovation by bridging from research to clinical diagnostics, to donor screening with a combination of open and high throughput platforms, and this is all possible from a highly trusted partner in molecular testing - Roche Diagnostics.

The PCR Ecosystem from Roche is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions across 4 main pillars:

  1. The Molecular Work Area for high volume, fully automated clinical diagnostics and donor screening
  2. Open Molecular Solutions for bridging the gap between research and clinical diagnostics
  3. The cobas® eplex system for urgent syndromic panel testing
  4. The cobas® liat system for PCR at the point of care.
The Molecular Work Area for high volume, fully automated clinical diagnostics

At the heart of the PCR Ecosystem lies the Molecular Work Area from Roche. Designed for high-volume, high-throughput labs that require maximum efficiency, the Molecular Work Area offers a range of benefits. Experience absolute automation, eliminating manual steps to reduce hands-on time and errors while enabling your staff to focus on higher-value tasks. Achieve true consolidation by streamlining processes and consolidating multiple sample types and tests onto one system. Benefit from proven integration, transforming your lab into the lab of the future by seamlessly integrating industry-leading instruments into a single solution. Enjoy unrivaled standardization with a common interface, shared reagent concept, and uniform solution configurations, increasing efficiency and predictability.

the lightcycler pro sytem

System spotlight

cobas® 5800 System

One of the newest systems in the Molecular Work Area portfolio is the cobas® 5800 System, which helps make automation, consolidation, integration and standardization more accessible than ever before.  Roche's proven molecular concept now comes in a compact size, delivering premium performance and value-added utility from a small footprint.

Open Molecular Solutions for bridging the gap between research and clinical diagnostics

Roche's Open Molecular Solutions include the renowned LightCycler® series of instruments for PCR amplification and detection and the MagNA Pure Systems for nucleic acid purification. These systems, along with their associated reagents and assays, offer molecular testing labs the flexibility, agility, and customization needed to power research in areas such as oncology and infectious diseases. Our recent integration of TIB Molbiol, a developer of oligos and assays, enhances our content engine for Open Molecular Solutions, driving innovation faster than ever before.

the lightcycler pro sytem

System spotlight

LightCycler® PRO System

Leveraging the robustness and proven technology of the LightCycler® 480 System, the LightCycler® PRO System integrates innovative technology and Roche manufacturing to deliver accurate real-time PCR results, flexible solutions to your workflow, and an improved user experience to your lab.

The cobas® eplex system for urgent syndromic panel testing

When urgent answers to complex questions are required, the cobas® eplex system from Roche is the solution. Leveraging gold standard PCR technology, the cobas® eplex system allows for quick and efficient testing of patients for an entire panel of targets. For instance, the respiratory panel can test a single patient sample for up to 20 different respiratory infections, enabling the care team to make critical decisions promptly.

the lightcycler pro sytem

System spotlight

cobas® eplex system

For urgent, comprehensive syndromic panel testing, the cobas® eplex system sample-to-answer solution streamlines the diagnostic workflow from your order entry to the release of the final report.

The cobas® liat system for PCR at the point of care

The cobas® liat system provides gold standard quality PCR test results at the point of care for doctors' offices, clinics, and hospitals. This compact system automates all steps of PCR testing, from purification to amplification and detection, delivering PCR accurate results in about 20 minutes or less. With enhanced connectivity, test results can be seamlessly transferred into the patient chart, ensuring efficient data management.

the lightcycler pro sytem

System spotlight

cobas® liat system

Designed for confidence at the point of care. The cobas® liat system fully automates the PCR process, allowing the rapid accurate analysis of single samples.

The PCR Ecosystem from Roche includes a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help streamline molecular testing for real-time PCR labs. Learn more about the four pillars of the PCR Ecosystem using the links above, or contact your Roche representative. If you would like to be contacted with more information on the PCR Ecosystem or any of the solutions in the portfolio, please contact us here.

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