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CarDiaLogue unites the passion for cardiology and diagnostics in an engaging dialogue.

Prof. Carolyn Lam: the important milestones achieved in the ADOPT study

It was our pleasure to meet Prof. Carolyn Lam from the National Heart Centre, Singapore, and discuss this significant study to learn how it is moving forward.

ADOPT is a prospective, multinational randomized open-label study conducted in APAC (Taiwan, China, India, Malaysia, and Singapore) aiming to include 2,400 adults with type 2 DM without known cardiovascular disease.

This trial is investigating whether intensive preventive therapy (high dose renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitors, beta-blockade, sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitors) among biomarker (NTproBNP) identified high-risk type 2 DM patients without pre-existing cardiovascular disease, may be associated with reduced cardiovascular events compared to standard of care.

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Interview with Mathias Egermark

I hope we will look back at 2020 as a year when COVID-19 taught us valuable lessons on how we can recognize the value of in vitro diagnostics and biomarkers.


Life Cycle Leader Cardiac & Critical Care, Women's Health and Personalized Healthcare, Roche Diagnostics

Impact of the corona crisis


Mathias Egermark shares his thoughts on the burden of cardiovascular diseases, the impact of the corona crisis on the perception of diagnostics, and the willingness to adopt innovation. He also shares some personal events by which he will remember 2020.

Opportunities to improve treatment efficiency


Mathias Egermark discusses the opportunities to improve treatment efficiency and outcomes in cardiovascular disease management, using a combination of wet biomarkers and digital technology. He also shares his vision of the improvement of cardiac care in the future.

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How will the new European Diagnostics regulations affect our Clinical practice, research and innovation?


Listen to the interesting discussion between Prof. Christa Cobbaert (Leiden University Medical Centre), Prof. Christian Mueller (University Hospital of Basel) and Prof. Christian Zaugg (Roche Diagnostics).

CarDiaLogue unites the passion for cardiology and diagnostics in an engaging dialogue

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