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This platform is the one stop content site for healthcare professionals passionate about cardiovascular disease management.


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CarDiaLogue unites the passion for cardiology and diagnostics in an engaging dialogue

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proCardio is a unique scientific event in the field of biomarkers in cardiovascular medicine proCardio has been recognized as a highly successful and engaging scientific event featuring a world-class international faculty to discuss cardiac biomarkers. We communicate the latest evidence and clinical trial data related to the use of cardiac biomarkers.

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Illustration - Healthcare Transformers

Healthcare Transformers


Content hub dedicated for c-suite professionals/executive leaders and other decision makers in healthcare, specifically diagnostics. Platform which inspires our readers to solve healthcare transformation challenges in a new way.

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CardioThinkLab platform


Scientific educational portal for healthcare professionals passionate about cardiovascular disease management. Aiming to provide new horizons of diagnostics and digital advancements to partner physicians in improving patient outcomes in the Asia and the Pacific region.

CardioThinkLab platform