Life after diagnosis:
A joyous journey for breast cancer survivor Lisa Wolfe

What can HER-2 biomarker testing and targeted treatment mean for a breast cancer patient? For Lisa, it means seeing her granddaughter come into the world.

For survivor Lisa Wolfe, it means seeing her baby granddaughter come into the world. It means enjoying life with her grown children and spending her days with the love of her life, her husband, Stephen.

“Life is awesome,” says Lisa, a 10-year breast cancer survivor. “I have a beautiful granddaughter. My business has taken off. And I am still alive. That’s the best thing ever.”

Lisa, 49, was diagnosed with HER2-positive invasive breast cancer when she was just 39. Biomarker testing identified her as a candidate for targeted treatment.

“You can overcome this. You can survive.”

~ Lisa Wolfe

“She’s a conqueror,” says Lisa’s daughter Ashley, 29. “I just love my mom. I’m so glad she’s here. I can’t imagine my life without her.”

Lisa is her happiest surrounded by family, with granddaughter Cooper at the center of this spirited bunch.

Lisa’s cancer journey has impacted the lives of these three generations of resilient women. Ashley and her sister, Amanda, 21, urge their friends to do monthly breast exams.


“I talk about breast cancer to anyone who will listen,” Ashley says. “Get checked.”


Lisa, who owns a busy pet care business and works alongside her children, looks to the future. She’s excited to see what’s next for Amanda and her son Aaron, 22.

She’s thankful for good health, and shares a message of hope.

"You can overcome this. You can survive.”