E-handel sekvensering (KAPA store)

Roche Sequencing Solutions

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is transforming the view on personalized healthcare. Roche is dedicated to advancing personalized healthcare by creating diagnostics and treatments tailored to individual genetic and disease profiles. As part of this mission, Roche Sequencing Solutions is unifying next-generation sequencing with the goal of making it routine: Sample in, result out. 


Our growing suite of products spans the genomics workflow, from sample acquisition and preparation through data analysis and final result, helping you answer important questions in genetics, cancer and beyond.


Roche Sequencing Store (KAPA)

We offer a suite of innovative products for DNA and RNA sequencing workflows that incorporate novel, high performance enzymes engineered via directed evolution. We provide a complete solution for sample QC, library preparation, amplification and quantification. The KAPA library preparation kits deliver the highest quality sequencing libraries suitable for use in different sequencing platforms. Kits contain high-quality enzymes selected through our directed evolution technology, and formulated in convenient, easy-to-use master mixes. 


navify® decision support

navify mutation profiler (NMP) is a cloud based service and a clinical NGS reporting solution. NMP accurately and efficiently interpret the clinical significance of mutations, and delivers actionable information that informs on treatment options to the clinical lab. The information empowers clinicians to deliver a more personalized healthcare.