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Donor Screening – Serology Solutions

Bringing safety, reliability and efficiency to donor screening

Roche Diagnostics serology assays and instruments can be used to perform a broad range of immunoassays and offer various options to suit your throughput needs.

Roche Elecsys® assays include highly specific and sensitive serology tests to detect infectious diseases. The test is based on ECL (ElectroChemiLuminescence) technology and delivers reliable results.1-8 All serology screening assays detect the major viral genotypes and variants found worldwide. They show very high seroconversion sensitivity, and their very high specificity and clear cut-off separation of positive and negative results reduces the need for retesting.1-8

Products of the Roche Blood Safety Solutions portfolio are not commercially available in all regions. Please contact your local Roche representative regarding availability. Serology portfolio in addition is not available in USA, Canada and Philippines.



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