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Hospital-acquired infections (HAI)

Protecting patients from the side effects of medical progress

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) can place significant strain on healthcare systems—from quality and cost of care to patient well-being.

Globally, the prevalence of HAIs is on the rise. Without uniform criteria for diagnosis, cases may be going undetected—adversely impacting emergency room settings and the broader hospital system.1 Reliable diagnostic solutions can help to advance infection control and improve the quality of care. 

To support the need for more reliable testing, Roche offers transformative assays to improve screening and diagnosis for HAIs. Running on fully automated systems with standardized workflows, easier, faster, and more accurate testing is now possible in laboratories and points of care. Enabling healthcare professionals to respond quickly can help to limit the spread of infection and support safer, more prepared care facilities.


  1. World Health Organization. Antimicrobial Resistance: Global Report on Surveillance. 2014. Accessed May 26, 2021. 
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