About Roche Molecular Diagnostics

Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, Roche Molecular Diagnostics (RMD) develops, manufactures and supplies a wide array of innovative medical diagnostic products, tests, platforms and technologies. With its broad portfolio of oncology, virology, microbiology and blood screening tests, RMD’s clients include researchers, doctors, patients, hospitals, laboratories and blood banks around the world. RMD employs around 1,400 people across five locations: Pleasanton, California; Branchburg, New Jersey; Los Gatos, California; Marlborough, Massachusetts; and Rotkreuz, Switzerland. The business was founded in the early 1990s following the acquisition of the revolutionary, Nobel-prize winning Polymerase Chain Reaction Technology (PCR). PCR quickly replicates a single specific fragment of DNA or RNA to quantities sufficient for accurate laboratory analysis.

Roche is in compliance with the California Supply Chain Law, read here for more information.

A commitment to innovation

From liquid biopsy to innovative technologies that enable quicker, more effective identification of multidrug-resistant organisms, Roche is committed to developing diagnostic solutions that allow clinicians to determine the best possible course of care for individual patients.

Vials used in liquid biopsy technology

Liquid biopsy

Roche “liquid biopsy” technology can enable tumour markers to be detected through a simple, non-invasive blood draw, making it an ideal complement to tissue biopsy.

Female scientist

Cervical cancer screening

ATHENA (Addressing THE Need for Advanced HPV Diagnostics) is the largest U.S. prospective registrational clinical study of its kind, and was designed to evaluate performance of the  cobas® HPV Test in different cervical cancer screening scenarios.


Global access program

GAP: The Global Access Program expands access to quality, sustainable diagnostic testing for countries hardest hit by HIV.


cobas® Plasma Separation Card

Redefine the reach of diagnostic testing - the cobas® Plasma Separation Card makes reliable, quantitative HIV testing more accessible to those in the remote areas. 

Nucleic acid purification process

Nucleic acid purification

Roche has been at the forefront of developing commercial NAP technology for two decades, offering solutions for labs of all sizes.