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Introduction to the oncology diagnostics hub

At Roche Diagnostics we know that innovative diagnostics and therapies are key to transform cancer care. Helping to share knowledge is a central pillar of our work and we achieve this through face to face and online events.

We understand that developing a greater understanding of cancer biology is crucial, combined with technological advancements that allow us to deliver industry-leading diagnostics.

Providing healthcare professionals the opportunity to engage, learn and inspire others, sharing their thoughts and experiences on oncology diagnostics supports our ambitions.

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Pathology Matters 2022

This was an opportunity for Biomedical Scientists and Pathologists to come together and discuss the latest developments in oncology diagnostics.

Click here to watch the presentations from Pathology Matters 2022.

DNA Mismatch Repair System Assessment in Colorectal Cancer

In this webinar, industry thought leader Dr. Philippe Taniere will cover the fundamentals of MMR immunohistochemistry testing, including the colorectal cancer (CRC) workflow, potential pitfalls and pre-analytic recommendations. Using case examples, he will share insights on how to handle cases with loss. He will also explore multiplexing with molecular tests as well as the impact of CRC MMR testing on therapeutic outcomes.


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