Roche Diagnostics and the cancer patient journey

Understand our involvement in oncology diagnostics

Like many areas across the healthcare industry, oncology diagnosis can be extremely complicated and involves multiple different stakeholders throughout the patients journey.

Given the complexity of the patient pathway and the variety of equipment used along the way, it isn’t always clear where diagnostics fits in. 

Find out more about the important role that Roche Diagnostics plays in the cancer patients journey.


We partner with the health service, clinicians and pharmaceutical companies to ensure that our solutions provide the best value to the patient journey. We believe that true partnership centres around listening to those we work with to provide innovative solutions.


Bringing people together to share ideas and best practice is a great way of driving innovation. At Roche Diagnostics, we take this spirit of collaboration and try to use it for the benefit of the healthcare system and patients alike.


By understanding the healthcare system's challenges, we can apply our expertise effectively to improve patient outcomes. Roche Diagnostics is here to listen to the issues that our customers face so that we can provide innovative solutions.

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