Oncology diagnostics events

Introduction to oncology diagnostics events

Partnership is essential in driving innovation, improving quality and ensuring greater efficiency.

We recognise the opportunity that face-to-face collaboration provides, allowing healthcare professionals to share thoughts, experiences and to build relationships.

Be inspired by our previous events, where you can hear from key opinion leaders or subject matter experts and see where you can get involved in the future.

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IBMS Congress 2023

IBMS Congress provides an excellent opportunity for you to network with healthcare professionals across the field. This is one of the biggest events on the biomedical calendar and a great forum for learning and career development.

With lectures on a variety of topics and world-leading experts sharing the latest developments, IBMS is a great chance to learn and progress in your career.

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Pathology Matters 2022

This was an opportunity for Biomedical Scientists and Pathologists to come together and discuss the latest developments in oncology diagnostics.

Click here to watch the presentations from Pathology Matters 2022.

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Excellence in Lung Cancer Diagnostics 2019

In February 2019, Roche Diagnostics brought together key opinion leaders and stakeholders in the area of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment to explore how the combination of new biomarkers, technological advances, targeted therapies and informatics are transforming healthcare.

To learn more about lung cancer diagnostics, click here.

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