Product portfolio

Anatomic pathology instruments and reagents

Improving lives through anatomic pathology solutions

Our mission is to improve the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer. To that end, we develop innovative pathology lab instruments, tissue-based clinical assays and software solutions that empower anatomical pathologists worldwide.

Roche Tissue Diagnostics is the global leader in solutions for anatomical pathology labs to diagnose cancer.  We are shaping the future of personalised healthcare with integrated pathology instruments and tools that advance diagnostic certainty and optimise medical value.

Innovative diagnostics tools for anatomic pathology

Our portfolio of VENTANA and BenchMark products offer prompt, precise tissue-based results so pathologists, physicians and patients can make confident treatment decisions. Our histology equipment features next-generation H&E, immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridisation (ISH) staining platforms; plus, highly sensitive detection kits, probes and clinical testing assays.

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