Consolidation of assays for molecular testing

Meet today’s demands, explore tomorrow’s possibilities

Roche assays deliver standardized, clinically validated, reliable test results that patients, clinicians and laboratories can trust. With the right menu of assays consolidated onto a single platform, workflows can be streamlined and standardized, delivering greater testing flexibility, single-vendor efficiency, and long-term sustainability.


Our commitment to quality


Every Roche assay is backed by our extensive experience and expertise in test design and optimization. Our commitment to robust performance standards demonstrates an unparalleled dedication to thorough data analysis and validation, delivering confidence with every result.


The Molecular Work Area

A transformative and holistic approach to molecular testing, offers assays for donor screening, infectious diseases, respiratory infections, sexual health, gastrointestinal, antimicrobial stewardship, and transplant transmitted infections.

molecular testing assay menu

Our assay offerings

Meet your laboratory needs today and in the future with our broad and expanding menu of assays for a range of disciplines, including molecular testing

Laboratory developed testing

Complementing this broad menu is the flexibility to run your own assays. Lab Developed Tests (LDTs) are an important part of any laboratory’s offering, and Roche provides a range of solutions to help you deliver testing that patients need.