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Anatomic pathology instruments and reagents

Offering a proven medical value approach, to better personalize care and treatment.

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Our mission is to improve the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer. To that end, we develop innovative pathology lab instruments, cytology and tissue-based clinical assays and software solutions that empower anatomical pathologists worldwide.

Roche Tissue Diagnostics is the global leader in solutions for anatomical pathology labs to help prevent and diagnose cancer. We are shaping the future of personalized healthcare with integrated pathology instruments, clinically significant assays and tools that advance diagnostic certainty and optimize medical value. Together with our Roche colleagues and pharma partners, we also develop and commercialize predictive assays that empower pathologists and oncologists to target therapies personalized for each patient.

Innovative diagnostics tools for anatomic pathology


Our portfolio of VENTANA and BenchMark products offer prompt, precise cytology and tissue-based results so pathologists, physicians and patients can make confident clinical management and treatment decisions. Our histology equipment features next-generation automated H&E slide staining, immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH) staining platforms; plus, highly sensitive detection kits, probes and clinical testing assays.

The Roche Digital Pathology solution combines innovative hardware and software including the uPath image analysis algorithm suite, to work in concert with the full Roche diagnostics portfolio for an end-to-end solution. Roche is delivering powerful digital pathology solutions that enable better, more personalized healthcare -- now and in the years to come.

Anatomic Pathology Instruments

Benchmark ULTRA system

BenchMark ULTRA IHC/ISH system

This fully automated instrument offers 30 independent slide drawers and single-piece workflow — supporting the largest menu of 250+ ready-to-use assays.

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BenchMark GX

BenchMark GX IHC/ISH system

BenchMark GX offers a fully automated baking-through-staining solution with the added flexibility to run any assay side-by-side.

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Ventana HE 600

VENTANA HE 600 system

Perform H&E staining with the VENTANA HE 600 system—laboratory automation with individual slide staining for enhanced quality, workflow and safety.

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VENTANA BenchMark Special Stains system

VENTANA BenchMark Special Stains system

Empowering superior special stains workflow efficiency, consistent quality and improved safety with automated slide staining and ready-to-use reagents.

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Digital Pathology

PD-L1 (SP263) Image Analysis Algorithm

uPath image analysis algorithms

Ready-to-use, fast, consistent and automated algorithms for clinical decision support.


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DP 200 Slide Scanner

VENTANA DP 200 slide scanner

Intuitive, reliable, high-speed scanner for capturing high-quality digital slide images.


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uPath enterprise software

Roche uPath enterprise software

Fast, patient-centric, customizable platform designed to empower precision diagnosis.*

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* Roche uPath enterprise software is FDA-cleared for specific clinical applications and is intended for research and educational use for other applications. Roche uPath enterprise software is not approved by the FDA for primary diagnosis.

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