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For patients and their loved ones, a cancer diagnosis changes everything. Identifying the best possible therapy for each individual as quickly as possible is critical. Yet new challenges are straining healthcare systems and may lead to treatment delays.

Advances in science and technology enable us to arrive at a deeper understanding of how to diagnose and treat each individual. Due to exponentially growing medical knowledge, healthcare is becoming more and more complex at many levels. Particularly in oncology, disease heterogeneity, diagnostic modalities, treatment choices, workflows and patient-driven disease management have reached daunting levels of intricacy. 

With the most recent healthcare crisis, providing timely answers that support individualised therapies for cancer patients has become even more difficult.

Healthcare Complexity

This is where we come in.

Understanding the clinical workflow and care delivery is the foundation for solid decision support in medical and research settings. Roche’s cloud-based decision support portfolio helps navigate the challenges of oncology research and practice. Our solutions standardise and simplify individual steps in decision making and facilitate access to relevant data from diverse sources. Having all information in one place saves experts time they can use to attend to complex questions more effectively. 

The aim is to apply novel technologies and data to eventually accelerate discovery of scientific insights that help improve decisions at the point of care and could support value-based care models.

CDS - Enabled by R&D, driven by data

Supporting virtualisation of care.

With the trend towards virtual care, such software solutions have proven to support remote collaboration and alignment on research and therapy questions by experts across the globe - irrespective of place. Allowing for flexibility to decide where and when to convene, our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolio contributes to continuity of care - supporting healthcare experts, not replacing them. 

In the end, the best decisions happen where human and digital medical knowledge come together. And the final decision is taken by the clinician together with the patient.

Leveraging Capabilities across Diagnostics

The development and commercialisation of the decision support software portfolio is a collaborative effort with external partners such as GE Healthcare. 

Our data science expertise flows into the development of software products as well as advanced analytics, population health studies and related services. The teams combine medical knowledge with billions of data points from global internal and external databases for meaningful insights – redefining how data and analytics can drive patient care and R&D and fundamentally change the way patients are diagnosed and treated. Enabling more confident, timely and accurate decisions supports Roche’s personalised healthcare (PHC) strategy: getting the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

Tim M. Jaeger - Global Head Diagnostics Information Solutions

We want to make Roche Diagnostics the partner of choice for healthcare stakeholders, providing information solutions that enable better patient care and smarter, more efficient R&D.

Tim M. Jaeger,
Head of Provider Insights, Roche Information Solutions

Connecting systems, orchestrating workflows and correlating data points help provide insights that support confident, timely decisions - moving a step closer to Roche’s vision of personalised healthcare.
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NAVIFY Decision Support portfolio

A cloud-based suite of workflow products, clinical decision support apps and data-enabled analytics services that streamlines processes and data management to support individualised treatment decisions.


NAVIFY Tumor Board, a cloud-based workflow product that displays relevant aggregated data into a single, holistic patient dashboard for oncology care teams to review, align and decide on the optimal treatment for each patient.

NAVIFY Mutation Profiler

NAVIFY Mutation Profiler*
, a clinical next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflow tool that helps diagnostic labs interpret the significance of genomic variants, drastically reducing NGS curation time while improving result reliability and process efficiency. 

NAVIFY Digital Pathology

NAVIFY Digital Pathology**
, a workflow product that enhances the efficiency of the pathology laboratory workflow through digitisation, connectivity and automation enabling experts to easier manage digital tissue slide images for case review. 

* Not commercially available in the United States.

** Not commercially availabled; only for evaluation in the US. For research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures.


NAVIFY is a trademark of Roche