Jeff’s Story: Being Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s


Watch his video story of battling cognitive decline with grace and courage after a series of misdiagnoses.

June 21, 2022

One of the key challenges for people living with Alzheimer’s disease is obtaining a definitive diagnosis. Many people with Alzheimer’s or dementia are unaware that they have it or haven’t been diagnosed.

Jeff Borghoff was one of them. He finally received a diagnosis after being misdiagnosed with several neurological diseases. He and his wife Kim had pursued an answer for 18 months, and then there it was: Alzheimer’s.

“I am not going to withdraw into the shadows,” Borghoff said. “I am going to journey through it. I am going to do whatever I can – for myself, for my family and for other people – to try and get through this disease as gracefully as I can.”

Surveys by the Alzheimer’s Association have found that 85% of people would want to know early if they had Alzheimer’s. Yet over 80% of Americans are unfamiliar with or know little about mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which can be an early stage of Alzheimer’s. 

Patients living with cognitive impairment, their families and caregivers need a timely and accurate diagnosis. We are hopeful that high-medical-value diagnostic solutions will allow those facing Alzheimer’s to make better care plans, take steps to preserve cognitive function and get involved in clinical research that could lead to new treatments. Treatments for people like Jeff and millions more – who live with neurological diseases every day.


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