Health Topics

Everyone deserves access to diagnostics that could help change the course of their lives.

When people are faced with making potentially life-changing decisions, they want a diagnostic they can trust. A diagnostic that’s made by a company that cares about science, accuracy and quality. A company that cares about them as a human and always does what’s best for the people it serves.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can lead to measures that help preserve cognitive function, prolong independent living, and improve quality of life, symptom management and the efficacy of disease-modifying therapies.

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Cardiometabolic Disease

Cardiometabolic disease includes multiple conditions, and the appropriate diagnostic tests and digital solutions allow for the best care and quality of life.

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Respiratory viruses, infections and illnesses are complicated. Having access to quick and reliable diagnostic tests can help ensure a timely diagnosis.

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Every cancer is unique. Throughout each person’s journey, diagnostic testing helps uncover critical insights that support better outcomes.

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Sexual Health 

Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise. Having access to screening and diagnostic testing is often the first line of defense. The impact of diagnostics and innovative testing can transform STIs into manageable conditions.

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Women's Health 

From cervical cancer screening to support in fertility, prenatal testing and pregnancy care to breast and ovarian cancer diagnosis to managing bone health, Roche is the trusted diagnostic partner that healthcare providers can depend on.

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