AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

Roche Diagnostics at ADLM 2023

Thank you for joining Roche Diagnostics at the Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo powered by the Association for Diagnostics & Laboratory Medicine (ADLM), formerly known as the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC). During this event, we focused on our advancements in lab automation, core lab systems, molecular and point-of-care solutions, and breakthrough high-medical-value diagnostic and digital solutions transforming patient care.

Roche Idea Lab

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Making gold-standard PCR testing accessible at the point of care
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Help reduce Heart Failure readmissions at your institution: a STRONG recommendation

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The future of diagnostics in the evolving Alzheimer’s disease care landscape

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Advancing your future lab with innovative navify digital solutions

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Positive collaboration strategies for your RFP evaluation

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HCV infection elimination by 2030: A diagnostic approach to streamline care

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Disclaimer: Experts who appear in the videos above are paid presenters for Roche Diagnostics.

Latest product launches

cobas® pure

An integrated system that combines clinical chemistry, immunochemistry and ion-selective electrode testing by simplifying operations and producing quick and trustworthy outcomes.


Same reagents


Same detection technology


Common user interfaces


Same reference ranges

cobas® 5800

The next evolution of automated molecular testing, perfectly designed for productivity and performance.


navify digital solutions

Accelerate access to the wealth of innovation available to healthcare providers. By optimizing clinical decision-making and uncovering insights from real-world data and current research, navify connects the healthcare community. This delivery of medical, operational and financial value accelerates access to innovation, ultimately enabling better patient care.

Looking into the future

cobas pulse

cobas® pulse system

This is Roche’s next-generation professional blood glucose monitoring system.

CCM vertical

cobas® connection modules vertical 

Roche introduces vertical and overhead sample transportation, enabling cross walkways, floor to floor transportation, split solutions across different work areas and much more.

mass spec

Mass spectrometry

Roche is developing a fully automated clinical mass spectrometry solution, set to revolutionize the future of the technology with seamless integration, complete automation, high throughput and a broad range of assay options.

Disclaimer: Products are not available for sale in the U.S.